2024 Parks & Rec Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing Opportunities in Spokane

Opt outside this winter in Spokane with some help from Spokane Parks & Recreation! This year, they’re offering a wide variety of opportunities to snowshoe and cross-country ski in the mountains surrounding Spokane! Each tour includes all the equipment you need for a day on the snowy trails and an experienced guide to show you the ropes. Some of the outings include transportation. You can even sign up for romantic moonlight hikes that end with catered dinners. It’s a fun, affordable way to develop a new skill and get some fresh air. It’s only cold if you’re standing still! So, get outside and enjoy winter in Spokane this 2024 season!

2023 Cross Country Skiing Events in Spokane

Cross Country Ski Lessons at 49 Degrees North

January: 1/6, 1/21

February: 2/3, 2/25

March: 3/9

Learn the basics of cross-country skiing at 49 Degrees North, as you tour the amazing mountain trails led by a skilled instructor. All ski instructors at 49 Degrees North are P.S.I.A certified, who will teach you everything you need to know about cross country skiing. If you're wondering where to learn how to cross-country ski in Spokane, here's your chance!

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Cross Country Ski Lesson at Mt. Spokane

January: 1/13, 1/14, ,1/18, 1/20, 1/22, 1/28

February: 2/10, 2/11, 2/15, 2/25

Learn to cross-country ski and tour the trails of Mt. Spokane! You will be taught the basics of cross-country skiing by Mt. Spokane's best certified P.S.I.A. ski instructors. Instruction includes basics of equipment, and techniques on how to glide on your skis, travel uphill and stop going downhill.

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Cross Country Ski Trip Geophysical Area near Newport

January: 1/27

Sponsored by Mountain Gear, the clever twists and turns of the groomed trails turn a rather commonplace stretch of forest into a fun-filled afternoon on the snow. The Geophysical near Newport, WA, has an absorbing number of trails that will lure you back again and again. The group meets at the Yokes Fresh Market parking lot.

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February: 2/10

Journey through the idyllic snowy mountains surrounding Frater Lake, as you're led through one of Spokane's most beautiful cross-country skiing excursions. The 10 miles of trail found here are perfect for all levels of Spokane Skiers, from beginner to advanced! It is, however, recommended to have at least 1 lesson on cross-country skiing before joining this trip.

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2023/24 Snowshoeing Events end Guides in Spokane

Snowshoe Newman Lake McKenzie Conservation Area

January 7th

Learn the basics of snowshoeing on this beautiful conservation property along Newman Lake. This is a moderate 2-3 mile hike with an occasional steep hill.


Snowshoe Tour Mt. Spokane

December 16, 17

January 28

February 3, 19

March 3, 16

Learn the basics of snowshoeing and try this fun winter sport. During the guided hike you will travel on snowshoe trails through the snow-covered trees and hills around Mt. Spokane.

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Snowshoe Moonlight Tour and Dinner

January: 1/20

February: 2/4

Moonlight on snow is a magical and memorable experience. Quietly you will explore the meadows and woods around Mount Spokane State Park, before retiring to the warm and cozy Selkirk Lodge, where GreenBluff Catering will be hosting a delicious dinner after a hard day's work.

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Snowshoe Bead Lake

February 18

This beautiful snowshoe hike takes you around the pristine Bead lake just north of Newport and it offers amazing views of the lake from the trail. While on this hike you will travel through ancient cedar forests, and over some of Bead lake's tributary streams.

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Snowshoe Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge

January: 1/06

Explore this unique snowy habitat filled with wonderous forest creatures like large elk, moose and over 200 kinds of songbirds! This snowshoe tour takes the Mille Butte trail through pine meadows to the top of the butte where you will get spectacular panoramic views.

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Snowshoe & Brews Mt. Spokane Tour

January: 1/13

February: 2/17

March: 3/9

Join a fun-filled and easy-going snowshoe adventure, as you complete a 2-3 mile trip through the woods of Mt. Spokane. After the snow-filled excursion, your team will head to the Big Barn Brewery, where you can kick your feet up and enjoy some of the finest drafts Spokane has to offer!

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Snowshoe Lake Gillette

January: 1/14

This Spokane snowshoe group will explore this high-mountain lake surrounded by meadows and forested slopes. This great trail will be a true winter memory for you. This guided hike will take you uphill to a scenic overlook that will leave you in awe.

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Starlight Snowshoe Hike In Mount Spokane

February 16

Ready for a nighttime adventure on the snow? Explore Mt. Spokane State Park as you've never seen it before! Explore the vast snowy tundra, lit up by the stars, moon and your headlamp!

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