Spokane Cocktail Bars

Spokane’s burgeoning cocktail scene is a highlight of the region’s nightlife. Experienced mixologists in Spokane are ready to prepare the perfect drink to make your taste buds sing. Downtown Spokane and the surrounding areas are hosts to a variety of unique craft cocktail venues that offer top-shelf liquors and dedicated staff to make your experience one to remember.

You’ll find some great classic cocktail lounges downtown Spokane such as Bistango Martini Lounge. Bistango offers a wide range of cocktails, both classic and avant-garde. Their pièce de résistance is certainly their premium-liquor martinis; however, they also have a full list of over 200 liquors and wines.

Another must-visit spot in Spokane’s Downtown area is the Peacock Room Lounge at the Historic Davenport Hotel. Known for its ornate décor and great drinks it’s no wonder why the Peacock Room Lounge is considered the upscale home to nightlife in Spokane.

Underground Cocktail Bars

Spokane is also home to several cocktail bars that are literally underground. These speakeasy-style establishments make you feel like you've been transported back to a time when alcohol was illegal and the only way to have a good time was in an underground lair far from the long arm of the law. Although alcohol is obviously legal today, the atmosphere makes it fun to pretend, and the cocktails will not disappoint.

Named after Spokane's legendary liquor tycoon Jimmy Durkin, Durkin's Liquor Bar is a true gangster-style bar with great service, delicious food, and inspired cocktails. The atmosphere has all the decor one would expect in a prohibition-era speakeasy. From the dark leather booths, tin ceiling, subway tile backsplash to the 20's style coupe glasses, this place is a speakeasy if there ever was one. Walk all the way through the restaurant and you'll find stairs leading to a second bar in the basement of the restaurant. The atmosphere below the ground is much more of a lounge. A great place to catch up with a friend, play some cards, and enjoy a phenomenal cocktail. Oh, one more thing, if you like 90's rap music, they switch to this playlist in the restaurant upstairs every weeknight after 9 pm.

Hogwash Whiskey Den is the kind of whiskey joint that proves that Spokane has arrived on the craft cocktail scene. They have bartenders that are so practiced in their craft that you can trust them to make you something just based on how you're feeling on a particular night. The cozy, dimly lit, stone basement in the corner of the historic Washington Cracker Co. building has the distinct rustic masculine feel that one would expect from a place that calls itself a whiskey den. The food menu is, by all means, comfort food which pairs well with their substantial whiskey cocktail selection. If you are looking for a place where you can venture out of your usual cocktail order, Hogwash is your spot.

Map of Spokane Cocktail Bars

The establishments we have mentioned are only a few of the great cocktail bars in Spokane. Check out our cocktail map below for a list of our favorite places to grab a drink.

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