Spring Release in Spokane's Cork District

When you think wine country, images of vineyards and a country setting may come to mind first. Here in Spokane, talk of wine triggers conversations about railroads, trains, urban buildings where history is woven seamlessly with modern life, and the inventions of a quirky man who lived high above the city in his cliffside estate.

Spring Release weekend, May 12-13, is the perfect opportunity to explore the robust reds and fresh whites of Spokane’s Cork District, a wonderfully walkable wine experience. And aligning with Mother’s Day, it’s a great way to taste Spokane while bonding with the women who have shaped your life.

Stop by Barrister Winery where the barrels are stored underneath nearby railroad tracks. The barrels are gently vibrated and over time, the solids are efficiently settled out. 22,000 trains a year guarantee a wine that’s been shaken, not stirred. From there you can visit one of more than a dozen tasting rooms right in the heart of downtown Spokane.

A short drive from downtown, venture up to Arbor Crest Wine Cellars' Cliff House Estate where live music fills the air as you look over sweeping views of Spokane Valley. Explore the estate where its original tenant, Royal Riblet, tested out his inventions on the property. His most famous is a part that’s still used on ski lifts around the globe.

In all, 19 wineries are releasing, tasting, and celebrating Spring Release in the Cork District. From Barrister in downtown Spokane to Arbor Crest in Spokane Valley, up to the rolling orchards of Green Bluff and Townshend Cellars, and the river gorge views from the Maryhill tasting room in Kendall Yards there’s a perfect sip waiting for you this spring in Spokane.

To read more about the Spring Release offerings of each winery visit corkdistrict.blog

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