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Reading with Ellen "Aloha" Williams and Steve Murphy

  • overview

    Dancing with Chopsticks is a personal view of the places and people found in Asia and the Pacific. Stand-alone chapters include Australia, Thailand, the Phillipines, Western China, Micronesia, Turkey, and Singapore. Join Ellen "Aloha" WIlliams as she pirouettes, leaps, and dances her way through Asia and the Pacific!


    On the Edge details the remarkable autobiography of a young Steve Murphy hoping to find himself as he travels through some of the most formative decades in US history. Although his feats are extraordinary—attending Harvard, fighting in Vietnam, battling video pirates in Brazil, and serving in both Bush administrations, to name a few—he recounts them humbly and praises those who helped him along the way. Over the years, Steve collected various friends and family members, keeping them close, despite time, distance, and changes in personal and professional directions. For more information on how Steve Murphy started his memoir, check out his interview with the Oskaloosa Herald!