Spokane 4th of July 2022

The Spokane Indians Baseball Club, City of Spokane Parks and Recreation, Spokane County Parks, Recreation and Golf, and Spokane Public Schools are teaming up to bring the community a spectacular Fourth of July celebration.

Locations for Spokane Fireworks Displays in 2022

There will be four drive-in fireworks displays offered across the Spokane region this Fourth of July.

  1. Riverfront Park
  2. the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex
  3. Ferris High School
  4. Avista Stadium - 4th of July baseball and fireworks!
  5. Plante’s Ferry Sports Stadium

Spokane Fireworks Viewing Guide 2022

People are encouraged to watch the fireworks from their homes (if near one of the locations) or to view them from their vehicles, drive-in style. Those who choose to watch from vehicles will be asked to leave a parking space between them and the cars on either side. There will be approximately 1,700 total parking spaces available across the four locations.

Schedule & Free Admission

  • Parking lots will open at 9 pm so you can be sure to snag a good parking spot.
  • The four shows run simultaneously, beginning at 10 p.m. and lasting approximately six minutes.
  • Admission to the events is free for the Spokane community.

Spokane Fireworks FAQ

Where will the fireworks be displayed?

  • Dwight Merkel Sports Complex (North)
  • Ferris High School (South)
  • Avista Stadium (Central)
  • Plante’s Ferry Sports Stadium (Valley)

What time are the shows? Do they all run at the same time?

Fireworks shows will run simultaneously at 10 P.M.

How long will the fireworks shows last?

They will be similar to shows enjoyed at Spokane Indians baseball games -- approximately eight minutes long with a finale, at four simultaneous locations in a neighborhood near you! And all free to the community, with thanks to generous sponsors.

What time can I show up to park?

Parking lots will open at 8:30 P.M.

How many parking spots are available?

Parking will be limited and varies by location. Approximately 1,700 parking spaces will be available between the four lots. We anticipate lots filling quickly after opening at 8:30 P.M., and will close the lots when they are full. Please have a second or third parking option in mind in case you encounter a full parking lot.

If the lots are full when I arrive, where else can I park?

Prior to the event, consider the area and have a parking plan B and C in mind. Please be respectful of privately-owned parking lots nearby, and if parking on the streets, be courteous to neighbors and obey parking laws.

Will you have people directing parking?

Each parking lot will be staffed with several licensed security personnel and police officers to position vehicles appropriately, and to ensure the safety and security of attendees within the designated event parking areas throughout the duration of the event.

Fourth of July Baseball in Spokane

This 4th of July, the Spokane Indians will be hosting the Tri-City Dust Devils at Avista Stadium. After the game, the stadium will feature a one-of-a-kind fireworks display that should not be missed! If 4th of July baseball and fireworks sound like your type of way to celebrate America, then get tickets here!