Bragging Rights

The Spokane region has many reasons to brag but one of our favorite ways to tout our beloved area is by sharing when we make it on a prominent list. We have made it on many lists for being a great place to: live, visit, get an education, experience nature, bring your meeting or convention, be a young person and live in a green city (just to name a few). So take a look below at some of the lists we have made so far!


Name & Description

Rank     Year

Best Small Towns to Live In

15                             2018

32 of the Best Urban Parks in America

N/A                           2017

10 Best Craft Distilleries

#2                             2016

Money Magazine

#1                              2016


#8                             2016

Country Living

#8                              2016


#7                              2015

6 Great Small Cities for Food Lovers

N/A                            2015

The Chive

Underrated cities that deserves some love

#7                               2014

10 Best Riverfront Cities

#2                               2014

Top 10 Places to Retire on Social Security Alone

N/A                             2014

Incredible Gondola Rides Around the World

N/A                             2013

Outside's Best Towns 2013

N/A                             2013

6 Most Affordable Places to Retire

N/A                             2013

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