Fishing pros and novices alike are drawn to the tranquil waters of the Spokane area to cast for trout, bass, and whitefish all year round. 

Fishing Gear

For someone new to fly fishing, the ease of learning your first cast can determine if you ever come back for a second try, so let a guide make it as enjoyable as possible. A shop like ROW Adventure Center will take you out on a walk-and-wade tour to show you the basics. You’ll practice your forward and back casting until the action feels somewhat normal, and don’t worry about mistakes; we all start somewhere and those around you will feel just as silly at first. Donning thick rubber waders might not be the most fashionable thing you wear while in Spokane, but you’ll quickly appreciate their ability to keep you warm and dry while standing in the clear and chilly Coeur D’Alene River waters.

Fly Fishing

Your guide will also show you where fish like to congregate, which is exactly where you’ll want to land your flies for the best chance of getting bites. It’s important to remember that fly fishing is about so much more than just casting and catching fish—it’s about being out in nature, so look around and enjoy everything Spokane has on display; you might spot more wildlife than what’s in the water! And once you do snag your first quarry? After reveling in the excitement, your guide will explain how to handle your specific catch.

Lake Fishing 

The lakes around Spokane are also great places to catch all types of fish from bass to trophy-sized tiger muskies. If you’d rather use your traditional rod-and-reel, head out to Lake Spokane, called Long Lake by locals, to the northwest of town or Newman Lake to the east. Whatever your skill level, there’s a fishing spot for you, though a local fishing shop will help in your search. Their intimate knowledge of water levels and which flies and bait work best for certain fish are your best bet for hooking a big one. 

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