Spokane Hiking

You wake up early, the morning sun only starting to brighten the sky. Your favorite wool socks hug your feet as you lace up your hiking boots. After a quick bite, it’s time to hit the trails in Spokane and let the sights and sounds of nature transform you. 

With so many paths from which to choose, how do you decide? Luckily, many hikes in the area will accommodate all types of boot-clad bipeds, from the casual walker looking to fill their lungs with fresh air to the rugged enthusiast who loves to sweat while scrambling over shifty rocks. 

Hiking the Seasons

Head for the Iller Creek Trailhead and head east up the switchbacks. Since you’re there early enough, you might spot grazing deer, striding turkeys, or even a moose (remember to keep a safe distance from all wildlife)! Depending on the season, the trees could be reflecting myriad

greens along your hike in the spring and summer, or a marbled effect of vibrant reds and yellows in the fall. When you find yourself in an open area with few trees, look up: hikers frequently report spotting bald eagles soaring the skies overhead. After two and a half miles, you’ll arrive at the Rocks of Sharon, a geologic playground with spectacular views of the quaint fields and farming towns all around. By the time you head down the western portion of the loop, you’ll appreciate the shade on this section of the trail. 


If you want more of a guarantee for seeing regional wildlife like elk, badger, and all sorts of wonderful waterfowl, head to Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge less than a half hour south of Spokane. There you can wander around miles of trails in the “Channeled Scabland”—a significant area once flooded numerous times by glacial melting. 

Hiking the River 

To the north of town, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs while hiking through Riverside State Park. Cross the swinging bridge at Bowl & Pitcher and enjoy the views of rushing rapids and all manner of basalt rock formations. 

If you’re outdoors for a break from city life or to pummel your muscles in some uphill hikes, you’ll find Spokane—naturally—a perfect fit.

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