Spokane Region Travel Advisory

What You Need to Know:

Wildfires and Smoke Impacting The Spokane Region

Stay informed and stay safe while exploring the Spokane Region. Due to ongoing wildfires and resulting smoke in the Spokane region and surrounding areas, there may be impacts to health, safety and travel. Be sure to check local travel advisories for the latest updates on air quality and wildfire conditions before traveling.

AQI Map & Forecast Live Wildfire Alerts

What to Expect When You Visit

The Spokane region prides itself on its friendly nature. While many businesses are open and welcoming guests, these times remain uncertain. Still, you will find plenty of things to do. We simply encourage visitors to Spokane to take personal responsibility for researching and adhering to current safety protocols as well as traveling with a positive, flexible mindset accepting of the circumstances.

Outdoor Recreation

One of the best things the Spokane region has to offer is an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities that tend to provide greater opportunities for social distancing. You’ll want your mask with you at all times in case you come upon a crowded trail or parking lot, but the opportunities to enjoy parks, hiking, biking, and water recreation are countless. RecreateResponsibly.org offers great advice on how to protect yourself, others, and the outdoors in these unusual times.

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