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Spokane has everything you hope a destination in the Northwest would have. Breathtaking nature, great restaurants and venues, and diverse nightlife; all packed into a mid-sized city. Across the Spokane region, in every city and neighborhood, you will find friendly people and a focus on community. You'll come to Spokane, feel welcome, and discover things you never expected to find. We're not quite like anywhere else. That's why our region of Washington has become a hotspot for relocation.

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Spokane Weather

The weather in Spokane can change quickly, so staying up to date with the latest weather forecasts in Spokane, WA is vital to any visit! The best time to visit Spokane is from late…


Spokane is an exciting, engaging, and a generous city made up of several distinct districts. You’ll find something new in Spokane’s different neighborhoods. Here’s our list of places we recommend seeking out…

Parks in Spokane WA

Parks in Spokane WA are the perfect place for you and your family to unwind. Are you in the mood for a quiet stroll on a forested path? Want to feast your eyes on…

Spokane In The News

We could brag all day about Spokane, but it's so much better when people do it for us. Here's a list of some of the most recent press by writers and publications who found…

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