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Explore the many antique shops of Spokane for a chance to discover rare pieces harkening back to the city’s rich history. Antique lovers will delight in the unique treasures waiting to be found amongst Spokane’s friendly antique dealers. And be sure to check out our map at the end for all your Antiques, Vintage & Thrift desires!

Whether you prefer the vast possibilities of antique malls featuring a collection of vendors or the curated presentation of a smaller single-owner shop, Spokane has it all.

Travel to the Hillyard District to shop for a slice of the past in a historic neighborhood. The area was once its own town during the city’s peak as a railroad hub, and you’ll find the appeal of discovering a relic from that period positively alluring. Along the awning-adorned, tree-lined streets is United Hillyard Antique Mall housing 18 vendors in a building listed on the National Historic Register. The variety of sellers gives you a vast and varied selection to choose from, spanning two entire floors and thousands of square feet.

Cruise Monroe Street for a string of antique stores. Antique retailers on Monroe range from furniture specialists to auction dealers of classic cars and large collectibles. Step inside 1889 Salvage Co. and snake your way through eclectic displays mixing the old with the new. The shop specializes in salvaged antiques repurposed into custom furnishings by local crafters, and one such item might make the perfect display case for your newfound treasures.

There are plenty of antique shops beyond Monroe and Hillyard, and if you’re lucky you might chance upon one of several seasonal antique pop-up shows that take place throughout the year. Jim Custer Enterprises puts on the Annual Spring and Fall Antique and Collector's Sales at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, and the massive gathering of over 100 antique dealers from across the West Coast is not to be missed.

Whichever antiques destination you choose, you’re sure to encounter knowledgeable proprietors ready to share their expertise to guide you toward the next addition to your collection.

The Best of Spokane Antiques

If furniture is your favorite type of antique, there’s plenty to choose from. Take your pick of mid-century modern pieces featuring clean lines and bold simplicity, or go the opposite style direction and discover the ultimate Victorian furnishing with stately curves and carvings.

Dive into the displays to procure the perfectly seasoned, decades-old cast iron skillet you’ve been searching for. You might just walk into a shop and find the vintage record player of your dreams spinning that familiar crackle of vinyl and know it’s meant for you. Perhaps you seek cowboy boots with just the right amount of softness to the leather, you’re sure to find those too.

Antiquing in Spokane lets you skip the estate sales and go directly to shops curated by experts. Explore the decade, era, or stylistic period you fancy most and get ready to spend a satisfying day—or several—diving into the past of Spokane.

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