The Best Desserts in Spokane

If you’ve been craving something sweet in Spokane, you’re in luck, because Spokane is home to the finest desserts in Eastern Washington. From freshly baked doughnuts to world-class cookies, Spokane has your sweet tooth covered.

The 6 Best Dessert Spots to Try in Spokane


Best Dessert in Spokane

Voted the best dessert in Spokane in the Inlander's 2022 'Best Of' poll, miFLAVOUR is an easy favorite when in comes to sweet treats in Spokane. This one-of-a-kind bakery and cafe offers up a variety of desserts, baked good, fresh juices and much more. The authentic local goods served fresh at miFLAVOUR has made it a staple in the Spokane community and a hot spot for dessert for anyone in the city. If it's your first time to miFLAVOUR, be sure to try one their amazing breakfast baked good or house-made chocolate bars!


  • East Central - 3403 E Sprague Ave 99202


Spokane’s Best Sweet Treats

Looking for the best sweet treats in Spokane? Luckily residents from around the city voted to come up with this list of the best places to feed your sweet tooth, with the top donuts…

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