Spokane's Best Sweet Treats

Looking for the best sweet treats in Spokane? Luckily residents from around the city voted to come up with this list of the best places to feed your sweet tooth, with the top donuts, desserts, cookies and more in Spokane!

Best Cakes in Spokane

Best Cakes in Spokane


With 10 cake batter flavors, six size options, two frosting styles and more than 60 special options for holidays, celebrations and “anytime” cakes, it’s pretty clear why Nothing Bundt Cakes takes the cake (pun definitely intended) in this category. Not to mention, of course, that its dense yet soft bundt cakes topped with a rich cream cheese frosting are absolutely heavenly. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Sweet Frostings

Since its opening in 2011, Sweet Frostings has quickly become Spokane's favorite cupcake and cake shop. The cakes created here are not your run-of-the-mill birthday cupcakes, with flavors like red velvet, snickerdoodle and salted caramel. The diverse cupcake menu also changes daily at Sweet Frostings, meaning you can try a new flavor every time you visit. If you're looking for custom-made cupcakes or cake, Sweet Frostings also caters for weddings and parties! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Just American Desserts

Serving up some of the best custom-made baked goods in Spokane, no list of the best cakes in Spokane would be complete without Just American Desserts. The cakes made here are beautiful in their simplicity, opting to choose quality ingredients and masterful baking over crazy names and gimmicks. Taking inspiration from classic recipes from all over the world, Just American creates some of the highest quality cakes you will try in Spokane. If it's your first time here, we highly recommend trying their Lemon Cake. (Visit Spokane)

Best Candy in Spokane, Bruttles
Pictured: Bruttles Gourmet Candy

Best Candy in Spokane


Creamy peanut butter plus crispy brittle equals bruttle, a softer variation on the classic confection that’s been a Spokane favorite for decades, including for Davenport Hotel guests since the 1950s. Now Bruttles’ signature sweet is one of a handful of the company’s beloved confections available in Bruttles’ downtown and Spokane Valley locations, as well as online. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Spokandy Chocolatier

If you are as hooked on chocolate as we are, then Spokandy Chocolatier will be your new favorite spot in Spokane. With in-house-made chocolates, candy bars, truffles and much more, the selection here is vast, with an assortment of amazing candies to choose from. With over 100 years of candy-making experience, you know the talented chocolatiers here are masters at their craft. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Fluffy’s Candy

If you are feeling a little nostalgic for some of your old-time candy favorites, then head on over to Fluffy's Candy. With candy classics both new and old, this Spokane candy shop has something for everyone. With hard-to-find candy from across the world, every trip to Fluffy's is an exploration of different cultures of candy, an experience not found in many other candy stores. If you are tired of the run-of-the-mill candy experience, Fluffy's will always have you covered with an exciting new candy to try every time you visit! (Visit Spokane)

Best Boba in Spokane, Bocopop
Pictured: Bocopop

Best Boba in Spokane

1st Place: BOCOPOP

Boba tea, or Taiwanese milk tea, is having a big moment in the Inland Northwest, and helping lead the way is Liberty Lake’s BocoPop. Owner Steven Kelly partly credits the refreshing beverage’s resurgence to its unlimited customization, from the type of tapioca pearls or gummies that float on the bottom, to the kinds and combos of tea. At BocoPop, try (if you haven’t already) the creamy house specialty called Tiger Milk, or the bright and refreshing Dragon Eye Tea. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: The Tea Boba Bar

If you want to kick your feet up on a beautiful Spokane summer day with a delicious boba tea in hand, The Tea will be your new favorite spot in the city. Located just feet from the Centennial Trail and the Spokane River, this boba bar has become a favorite stop for Spokane locals out for a bike ride or jog along one of the city's most scenic neighborhoods. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Tea’s Company

What began as a pop-up stand at Spokane farmer's markets just before COVID hit, now serves up some of the best Thai tea in River Park Square. While somewhat new to Spokane, Teas Company has quickly become a staple in the Spokane boba scene. With a comprehensive menu of all your familiar favorites and more, be sure to stop by this amazing boba bar on any visit to the Square. (Visit Spokane)

Mi Flavour, best dessert in Spokane

Best Dessert in Spokane

1st Place: miFLAVOUR

With desserts that look as good as they taste, this sleek, modern French-inspired bakery in East Spokane is known for its colorful — and big! — macarons, beautifully decorated cakes, flaky croissants, espresso and more. Owners Ella and Max Piskun continue to add other products to the miFlavour lineup, including the locally made honey brand, Citrine; Volanti gelato; house-made chocolate bars; and custom coffee blends. (Inlander)


2nd PLACE: Just American Desserts

Just American Desserts once again made the podium on another 'Best Of' list, so you know this shop has not only some of the best cakes in Spokane but also the best dessert menu in the city. With made-to-order cakes, eclairs, lemon bars and more, there are simply too many delicious desserts to try at this premium cake shop. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Three Birdies Bakery

Three Birdies Bakery is renowned across Spokane for its delicious, fresh-baked cookies. The irresistible aroma of baking cookies hits you as soon as you come within 10 feet of the storefront, driving you inside to order more custom cookies than you may have initially planned. The cookies are made fresh daily by the owner and cookie connoisseur Jamie, so you know each batch of cookies is made with a great deal of care and love. If you are looking for some of the best desserts in Spokane, don't pass up Three Birdies Bakery! (Visit Spokane)

Sweet Frostings, Desserts in Spokane

Best Cupcakes in Spokane


It seems like cupcakes didn’t get their due respect for a long time. How special could they be when every kid in grade school was able to conjure up a batch for their birthday? But when the gourmet cupcake craze hit, we all saw the possibilities of these seemingly simple treats. No one in the Inland Northwest delivers delectable goods quite like Sweet Frostings. On any given day, you can peruse the menu and find something irresistible. It’s Wednesday? Have a snickerdoodle cupcake. Thursday? Try an orange dreamsicle cupcake. You get the idea. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Celebrations Sweet Boutique

Celebrations Sweet Boutique is a locally owned bakery and cake shop which has been serving the Spokane community for years. Every item is baked fresh daily right here in Spokane, so you know you are getting the very best whenever you visit Celebrations. With some of the most creative cupcakes in the city, Celebrations Sweet Boutique is a must for anyone who loves a good cupcake. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Boots Bakery & Lounge

If you are the type who likes your sweet treats to be as healthy as possible and made with the best ingredients possible, then you need to visit Boots Bakery and Lounge. This bakery makes all their items both vegan and gluten-free, meaning everyone in your family can enjoy these fresh baked goods! Boots also features an espresso and cocktail lounge, so you have an excuse to come eat the delicious cupcakes here, no matter what time of day it is! (Visit Spokane)

Best donuts in spokane, hello sugar
Pictured: Hello Sugar

Best Donuts in Spokane

1st Place: HELLO SUGAR

The Inland Northwest is a great place for donuts. You can probably think of a great donut shop that didn’t even hit the top three in our reader's poll. So you know a place that manages to be named “Best Donuts” has something special. That’s been the case with Hello Sugar since they first opened. Curiosity seekers quickly became regulars, and the wide array of dazzling donut flavors (Dutch Baby? Lilac Lavender? Maple Sizzle? Yes, please!) keeps the people coming back. It sure helps that the diminutive donuts let you try lots of those flavors at once. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Donut Parade

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free aren't exactly words you think of when you think of 'the best donuts in Spokane.' Fortunately, Donut Parade has somehow found a way to make their donuts not only the most flavorful in the city but also the most vegan-friendly. This wonderful donut shop also has traditional donuts made to order, meaning everyone can pick exactly what they want at Donut Parade. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Casual Friday

Gourmet donuts really don't get any better than at Casual Friday. With delicious versions of familiar favorites and all-new donut creations baked fresh every day, this quaint donut shop has something for everyone. It's not uncommon to overhear someone say they didn't know just how good donuts could be until they came to Casual Fridays. If you feel like trying some of the fluffiest, mouth-wateringly good donuts in Spokane, then head on over to Casual Friday. (Visit Spokane)

Best Milkshake in Spokane

Best Milkshake in Spokane


Mary Lou’s is a Spokane icon, both for its historic, milk bottle-shaped building in the Garland District, and the ultra-rich and creamy ice cream made inside. While that ice cream is also served at a few other places around town, there’s no better experience than going straight to the source and getting a tall, ice-fogged glass filled with a fresh-made huckleberry milkshake, or any of Mary Lou’s two dozen other flavors. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Zip’s

If you are feeling nostalgic for some drive-in ordered fast food, then Zip's is your Spokane go-to. While the menu here may look standard, with burgers, fries, and shakes, the food is anything but. With a very unique milkshake menu that offers both classic and seasonal creations, the made-to-order shakes here are in a league all their own. Zip's has several locations across Spokane, so check out their website to find which location is closest to you. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Ferguson’s Cafe

If you have lived in Spokane for a while now, Ferguson's place on this list should come as no surprise to you. This classic diner is a part of Spokane history, first opening its doors in the 1930s and serving up Spokane's best milkshakes and more ever since. If you're new to Spokane, Ferguson's Cafe is a staple in the local community and has been open for almost 100 years for a reason! (Visit Spokane)

Excerpt from the Inlander’s Best Of The Inland Northwest edition. Visit Spokane is proud to partner with the Inlander to showcase hospitality-focused winners from its 2022 readers’ poll. To read more about the Inlander's Best Of, visit 2022 Inlander Best Of section!

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