Best Restaurants in Spokane 2024

The best restaurants in Spokane can be tough to find. With so many delectable options across the city, choosing which Spokane restaurant beats out the competition is no easy choice. Luckily, Spokane locals voted for the best Spokane restaurants in every category. From world-class authentic Italian dishes to fine dining spots serving up the best food money can buy, here are the local picks for the best dining spots in Spokane.

Spokane's Best Family-Friendly Restaurants


“Kid tested. Family approved,” reads the letter board outside of Tomato Street’s Spokane location on North Division.

It’s true. On a recent visit by the Inlander, kids and their parents are filling up almost all of the nearby booths. There’s a chalkboard filled with kids’ drawings, paper-covered tables ready to be colored on, and pizza-themed headwear worn by the efficient, friendly waitstaff.

There’s a kids menu, too, of course — for “Little Bambinos,” and complete with offers of free ice creams and sodas. Plus, as Tomato Street manager Troy Campbell says, “It’s nice for families to come in and not get hit with such a big bill. And our large portions are always nice. It’s good to share.”

Sharing, by the way, is exactly what I did when I was served my steaming hunk of baked lazonni, topped with mozzarella and hot marinara sauce. What is lazonni, you might ask? It’s lasagna, wrapped in pizza dough and then brick-fired along with the sauce of your choice (yum).

Baked lazonni has long been a mainstay on the Tomato Street menu, along with blackened chicken fettuccine, raspberry poppy seed salad and baked mostaccioli with roasted chicken. All around me, adults and children alike are digging into heaping portions of these dishes and more. And, naturally, we all go to town on those buckets of hot, buttery garlic bread.

“It makes sort of a fun atmosphere,” Campbell says, and I agree.

Tomato Street’s family-centric values, a focus since it opened more than 20 years ago, are also evident beyond the chalkboards, the crayons, the fun bells and whistles.

“We created an environment with our staff that’s family-oriented,” Campbell explains. “These are my extended family, and guests are even more extended family.”



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2nd PLACE: Market Street Pizza

Food doesn't get much better than pizza, and Spokane pizza doesn't get much better than the pies made in the brick ovens at Market Street Pizza. Whether you're a lover of thin crust, or can't live without deep dish, Market Street Pizza knows exactly how to make your favorite slice. Using only the finest local ingredients, the pizza created here is in a different league than your run-of-the-mill delivery spot. If you're in the mood for some of the highest quality pizza in Spokane, Market Street is an easy choice. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: The Onion; NORTH IDAHO’S BEST: Embers by the Lake; Hauser and Post Falls

Voted Spokane's 3rd best family-friendly restaurant in 2022, The Onion is one of the best restaurants overall in all of Eastern Washington. Though it’s known primarily for its famous turkey and beef sandwiches, the menu here is much more. From pasta to fish & chips, The Onion's stacked menu has something for even the pickiest of your family members. Apart from the cuisine, it's centrally located downtown in a historic building built in 1907. From its atmosphere to its appetizing food, The Onion is a perfect spot for the whole family. (Visit Spokane)

Spokane's best new restaurant
Pictured: Kismet Spokane

Spokane's Best New Restaurant

1st Place: KISMET

Spokane’s historic Hillyard district is in the midst of a major culinary transformation thanks to a few new restaurants and more on the way. One of those new places is Kismet, Daniel Gonzalez and Monica York’s Latin- and Spanish-influenced eatery that’s had diners positively buzzing since its debut in fall 2021. From traditional arepas cakes to ceviche to hearty Spanish stews, everything at Kismet is made with utmost attention to detail, and bursting with flavor and creativity. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen

If you've been a longtime resident of Spokane. you may feel as if the city is missing a good choice for Cajun food in the area. Well, Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen is here to fill that void, cooking up authentic New Orleans-inspired dishes that taste as if you just sat down for lunch on Bourbon Street. Serving up classic creole dishes like crawfish, hush puppies gumbo and more, Vieux Carre i easily one of the best new restaurants in Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Tavolàta

If your list of favorite comfort foods starts and ends with pasta, then let us introduce you to your new favorite restaurant. Tavolàta is Spokane's best new stop for Ravioli, Rigatoni, Spaghetti and much more. This new restaurant features a beautiful patio area, perfect for a little outdoor dinner service on a warm Spokane summer night. If you are near Riverfront Park, stop by the old City Hall building and try some of Spokane's best pasta dishes today! (Visit Spokane)

Best Steakhouse in Spokane
Pictured: Churchill's Steakhouse

Best Steakhouse in Spokane


With its devoted customer base, countless industry awards and now 10 years of Best Of wins to its credit, restaurateurs everywhere might be inclined to ask what gives Churchill’s Steakhouse its magic.

“A lot of that is top secret,” says Melissa Persling, Churchill’s specialty products and retail manager.

“But I will say that we’ve developed our very own, unique wet- and dry-aging process that our owner, Bill Alles, actually invented. So you’re never going to try a steak in another restaurant or buy a steak at a high-end grocery store that is like a Churchill’s steak.”

Not even dine-in restrictions could diminish the demand for Churchill’s signature menu item. Throughout the pandemic, the restaurant shipped record numbers of its Prime steak gift boxes — a gourmet kit complete with cooking instructions and herbed finishing butter — to steak lovers all over the country.

It’s not just the superlative aging process that sets this steakhouse apart. Long before guests are even seated, Churchill’s staff goes to great lengths to make sure the entire dining experience is second to none. That starts with sourcing the top 2 percent of beef that qualifies as USDA Prime. They then work with a master butcher to obtain very specific ribeye, filet mignon or New York cuts. Once the steak is fully aged, the chef sears it to perfection and plates it with just the right garnishes to enhance its flavor.

Other aspects that define the Churchill’s experience aren’t so closely guarded. They’re on display from the moment you walk in.

“Not only are you going to get that perfect steak or seafood dinner, you’re going to have a waiter or a waitress who’s focused on making your evening special. It doesn’t matter whether you’re there to celebrate a certain occasion or it’s just a Friday evening,” Persling says.

“We really go above and beyond to make it the best night that our guests could imagine.”



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2nd PLACE: Spencer’s for Steaks and Chops

If you are in the mood for a modern, unique twist on your standard steakhouse, then Spencer's is your new favorite spot. Serving up beautifully plated steak, seafood, burgers and more, this Spokane steakhouse has become a staple for locals and visitors alike. If you are heading out for a date night in Spokane, or simply are craving a steak grilled to perfection, then don't miss out on Spencer's Steak and Chops! (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Wolf Lodge Steakhouse, Coeur d’Alene

When it comes to cooking up world-class dishes, there is no substitute for experience, and the Wolf Lodge Steakhouse has nearly 100 years of it. This Spokane steakhouse first opened their doors in 1939, starting as a convenience store, then later becoming one of the city's best steakhouses in the early 1970's. In that 50 years, Wolf Lodge has learned a thing or two about steaks, which you can taste in each and every bite which is seasoned and grilled to perfection. (Visit Spokane)

Best Fine Dining in Spokane, Wild Sage Bistro
Pictured: Wild Sage

Spokane's Best Fine Dining


Whether you’ve made reservations to celebrate something special, or are stopping by on a whim after work or an event, a visit to Wild Sage is a memorable experience. Since opening its doors 16 years ago, Wild Sage has maintained its reputation as one of the region’s go-tos for exquisite food, service and drinks. While the menu is always focused on what’s freshest and available locally, Wild Sage has many beloved mainstays: Yukon taquitos, the Bucket List Burger and, of course, that dreamy coconut cream layer cake.


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2nd PLACE: Churchill’s Steakhouse

Voted Spokane's best steakhouse in 2022, it's easy to see why Churchill's once again takes the podium in the fine-dining category. From dry-aged meats cooked to blissful perfection, to the freshest seafood you will try in Spokane this year, Churchill's is redefining the standards of 'fine-dining.' Whether you are looking for the best date night restaurant in Spokane, or are simply looking for an elegant dining experience this weekend, then we highly recommend paying a visit to Spokane's best steakhouse. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Clinkerdagger

If you have been following Inlander's 'Best Of' list for a few years now, Clinkerdagger should be a familiar name by now. Taking the podium for several years in a row now, this fine-dining has become a staple in the Spokane community. Delivering amazingly delicious dishes paired perfectly with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant has been consistently delivering a superb dining experience year after year. (Visit Spokane)

Spokane's best Italian Food, Italia Trattoria

Spokane's Best Italian Food


Whether you’re toasting a special occasion for dinner or enjoying a hangover brunch on the patio, Italia Trattoria is our readers’ go-to for top-notch Italian. This isn’t your standard-issue red sauce-and-pasta joint, either, but a spot where rabbit, duck and octopus help reveal all the wondrous flavors possible in Italian food, thanks to chef Anna Vogel’s dishes. (But don’t sleep on the housemade pasta and lamb ragu, either). (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Tomato Street, Spokane and Coeur d’Alene

At first glance, Tomato Street might look like your standard Italian restaurant, with a full-service bar paired with a modest table area. However, once you take your first bite of any dish on their well-balanced menu, all notions of 'average' will go right out the window. Their menu features many classic Italian favorites, cooked with an authentic style that is unmatched in Spokane. If a true taste of Italy is what you're craving, then add Tomato Street to tonight's itinerary. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: The Italian Kitchen

Locally owned and operated by Spokane residents, The Italian Kitchen makes every guest feel right at home, with excellent service and exquisite Italian cuisine. Specializing in homemade authentic Italian residents made completely from scratch, this spot has been a go-to for Spokane locals in the mood for delicious Italian food without the fanfare. If it's your first time visiting the Italian Kitchen, we highly recommend trying the Spaghetti carbonara! (Visit Spokane)

Best Patio Dining in Spokane
Pictured: Osprey

The Best Patio Dining in Spokane


The beautiful Spokane River running through the heart of the city is a feature any restaurant lucky to be located near its banks takes full advantage of. And one of the most deluxe riverside patios in town is Osprey’s relaxing and spectacularly scenic setup. Firepits, heaters and umbrella shades make the space a tantalizing setting for drinks, dinner or weekend brunch, even when the weather’s not a perfect 75 degrees. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: Clinkerdagger

If you have been following Inlander's 'Best Of' list for a few years now, Clinkerdagger should be a familiar name by now. Clinkerdagger took the podium in two categories this year, also taking 3rd in the best overall fine dining in Spokane. Delivering amazingly delicious dishes paired perfectly with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant has been consistently delivering a superb dining experience year after year. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Brick West Brewing Co.

If you're a fan of Spokane craft beer, then Brick West Brewing's spot on our list of 'best patio dining' should come as no surprise. Featuring some of the best IPAs, lager and other beers in Spokane, the delicious food here can be just an afterthought. Whether you just plan on sampling one of their latest beer flights or are getting something off their creative food menu, the outdoor seating here is unparalleled in Spokane. Don't expect your standard bar food either, as Brick West has created food options that is elevated far beyond your basic beer and burgers. (Visit Spokane)

Best Sushi in Spokane
Pictured: Umi Sushi

Best Sushi in Spokane


At Umi, enjoy ultra-fresh sushi rolls, fried rice, a craft cocktail or some sake wherever you like: facing the sushi counter, where you can watch its expert chefs in their element; downstairs in the swanky Umi Den, or on the covered patio alongside the Centennial Trail. At home, too! Umi’s head sushi chefs, Tong Liu and Haru Wang, have applied decades of collective experience to craft menus for multiple award-winning sushi restaurants in the region, Umi included. (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE:

The freshest fish and sushi is only the beginning of what's on the menu at, with amazing soups, noodle dishes, donburi and more! However, the sushi is what truly shines here and gets customers coming back day after day for more. From rare white Salmon from Korea to huge tuna caught in Hawaii, the fish here is flown in daily, meaning you get the freshest fish available in Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Izumi Sushi Bar & Asian Bistro

Izumi is not your run-of-the-mill sushi bar. Seamlessly fusing together Chinese and Japanese cuisine into one balanced menu, Izumi excels not just in their sushi, but in their wok-fried Chinese entrees as well. While other restaurants on this list may have mastered one type of cuisine, Izumi has somehow managed to master two without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. If you can't decide between a delicious rice and chicken bowl, or freshly caught tuna nigiri, then Izumi is simply unmatched in Spokane!

(Visit Spokane)

best sandwich's in Spokane
Pictured: Anthony's

Best Seafood Restaurant in Spokane


It’s not just the fish. It’s the water. Anthony’s is well-established as a delicious seafood restaurant, offering everything from Panko-crusted Idaho rainbow trout to garlic butter roasted prawns. But its prime views of the raging Spokane Falls is perhaps the best part of it all for those of us lucky to visit the Spokane Anthony’s. You’ll note the Coeur d’Alene Anthony’s took the top prize for North Idaho in this category. (Inlander)


2nd PLACE: Zona Blanca

Zona Blanca is the creation of world-renowned chef Chad White, who has been featured on shows like Top Chef and a James Beard Semi-Finalist. Chad created Zona Blanca to create amazing dishes using simple, fresh ingredients brought together is perfect harmony. The restaurant brands itself as a ceviche bar using its 3 main ingredients, lime, fish and salt. While this may sound simple, the dishes crafted here are anything but, with flavors that only master chefs can dream up. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: Clinkerdagger

Clinkerdagger once again takes the podium in yet another category, adding to their growing list of yearly medals. As this restaurant took top spots in 3 different categories this year, it is safe to say this is one of the best restaurants in Spokane. From the best steaks to the best seafood, the chefs at Clinkerdagger are masters of their craft, perfecting every type of cuisine on their diverse menu. Don't just take our word for it, visit Clinkerdagger yourself and see why Spokane locals voted them to the top spot in nearly every category. (Visit Spokane)

Best Caterer in Spokane


London’s Ultimate Catering has 10 years’ experience in creating food for events that’s fresh, flavorful and flawlessly presented. (Check their Instagram to see for yourself!) This full-service catering company offers breakfast, lunch or dinner options for events of between 10 and 1,200 guests. With a creative team that works with clients to design menus to fit any budget and style, it’s easy to see why London’s is a Spokane favorite. (LB) (Inlander)

Visit London's Ultimate

2nd PLACE: Beacon Hill Catering and Events

If elegant, hand-crafted catering and event decorations are what you're after, then Beacon Hill can't be overlooked. As Spokane's premier family-owned caterer and event venue for over 20 years, you've likely been to one of their numerous parties over the years. Creating delicious food in their made-from-scratch kitchen, the chefs here can artfully cater for any party no matter what the occasion. The clubhouse venue at Beacon Hill is gorgeous, surrounded by lush greenery that makes every party feel magical. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE: A Catered Affair

Whether you are getting married, throwing an office event, or are hosting any other type of party, A Catered Affair can tastefully cater your event. Creating custom menus and dishes for each event they host, this catering company goes above and beyond to deliver exactly what you want for your party. (Visit Spokane)

Best Chicken Sandwich in Spokane
Pictured: Logans tavern

Best Chicken Sandwich in Spokane


Logan Tavern is known for serving up delicious food to hungry college students, and feeding residents of its namesake Logan Neighborhood. Moody lighting and an old-school watering hole vibe inside sets the tone for a diehard crowd of regulars.

“We couldn’t ask for better customers,” says Brittany Propp of Logan Tavern. “Knowing that they love us enough to think of us during [Best Of] voting is amazing in and of itself.”

When Propp landed a job at Logan, it was one week away from opening day. Now the pub’s celebrating four years in business, hopefully with many more to come, and Propp is an owner.

In that time frame, chicken sandwiches have also become, for lack of a better word, a “thing.” Restaurants and fast food chains have battled it out to see who comes out on top, but Logan Tavern has the dish down to a science.

“I think it’s the simplicity,” says Propp. “It’s just hand-breaded chicken, pickles, fry sauce and a bun. You don’t need anything more complicated for it to be delicious. We offer a ‘Make It Sexy’ version, where you can dress it however you’d like — Cajun honey butter, buffalo or Nashville-style if you’d like — but I think the classic hits the spot.”

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Propp was faced with the task of feeding both regular and new customers while keeping the business afloat.

“We would get so many to-go orders for the sandwich during that time,” she says. “It was a two-man operation at that point, so we had to limit chicken sandwich orders to only Thursdays. We were overwhelmed with support and love from our community.”

If the pandemic taught Logan Tavern’s staff anything, it’s that Spokane can’t get enough of them.

“Thank you so much, Spokane,” says Propp. “Your support makes us feel giddy inside. We’re so happy to serve you!” (Inlander)

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2nd PLACE: No-Li Brewhouse

Spokane's favorite beer house just got even better. with some of the best fried chicken in all of Washington. Choose between the spicy cajun chicken sandwich or the decadent honey-mustard chicken, each of which should be tried at least once before you die. Pair it with one of No-Li's famous craft IPAs or lagers, and you'll have yourself one of the best comfort meals in all of Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

3rd PLACE (tie): Wooden City Spokane, Elliotts an Urban Kitchen

Wooden City Spokane and Elliotts an Urban Kitchen cook up two quite different Chicken Sandwiches, each with their own distinct flavors. Wooden City uses flavors like honey, citrus and mustard to create a unique fried chicken sandwich unlike any you may have tried before. Elliotts takes a more traditional route, using beer battered chicken and spiked mayo to put a fresh spin on this familiar favorite. Either way, no matter which restaurant you choose to visit, you will be treated with one the best chicken sandwichs in Spokane. (Visit Spokane)

Excerpt from the Inlander’s Best Of The Inland Northwest edition. Visit Spokane is proud to partner with the Inlander to showcase hospitality-focused winners from its 2022 readers’ poll. To read more about the Inlander's Best Of, visit 2022 Inlander Best Of section!

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