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On the north bank of the Spokane River, the Flour Mill is a historical beacon beckoning explorers. Take a step back in time and discover romance with classic old Flour Mill Spokane architecture. Built in 1895, the Flour Mill is host to locally owned shops all unique in their offerings. Before you start exploring, there’s a tad bit of history we think is essential to appreciate this historical gem in our city.

The Flour Mill In Spokane

History of the Flour Mill

A cluster of sawmills and later flour mills on the south side of the river were a familiar fixture in early Spokane. The great fire of 1889 destroyed much of the city. The city was rebuilt, and that included a new mill on the north side of the Spokane Falls. Enter, the Flour Mill! By 1895, construction on the Flour Mill was finished. It didn’t open for operation until 1900 due to a lawsuit over ownership of the property. It turned into one of the most complex lawsuits in Spokane’s history.

The Flour Mill operated until the doors closed in 1972. Instead of letting it fall into disrepair, developers repurposed the mill and converted it into a shopping center in preparation for EXPO ‘74. It is one of the first examples of historic building preservation and transformation in Spokane. Located next to the north entrance of the EXPO, most of the building publicity came during the World’s Fair in 1974. Today, the Flour Mill remains and reminds us of our industrial roots and Spokane’s history.

Dining at the Mill

A local favorite, Clinkerdagger, is Spokane's beloved restaurant that began along with the Expo '74 revitalization of the Flour Mill. Overlooking the Spokane River, Clinkerdagger has been a Spokane landmark for over 40 years. Here you'll find romance, fine dining, and unbeatable views. It's the perfect place for business meetings, lunch with family, or a romantic occasion. Serving classic American grill-style food, you can enjoy quality steaks and fresh seafood. Plus, their bread is top-notch.

It's a Spokane staple and fine dining at its best. For an authentic taste of Ethiopia, try Queen of Sheba, the first Ethiopian restaurant in Spokane. Since 2010, the owner, Ainuu, has brought a new sense of style and culture to the area. Meals range from $6-$40 and looking at the menu there are plenty of options to choose from with lunch specials, various meats to pair with the dishes and combination plates for families. We recommend trying the veggie sambussa.

Shopping Near the Flour Mill

As you wander through the Flour Mill, you'll find rare and unusual items at Wonders of the World. Jewelry, beads, sculptures, artifacts, minerals, fossils, ethnic art, and other collectibles are awaiting your discovery. Spokane prides itself on the quantity of locally-owned shops, and the Flour Mill is no exception. At Spokane's specialty kitchen store, The Kitchen Engine, discover a variety of kitchen gadgets and merchandise. Or, maybe plan a date night with a cooking class at the Kitchen Engine.

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