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Historic Buildings

It may seem impossible to hold on to yesterday while also embracing tomorrow, but here in Spokane our community of get-it-done dreamers rose to the challenge. Today Spokane is simultaneously a vibrant metropolitan center and the historic hub of the Intermountain Northwest. We offer the perfect balance of modern amenities with the grace and presence of times gone by.

Our history is important to us: we would not be who we are today without those deep roots. One shining example is  Riverside Place. President Theodore Roosevelt himself was present to hoist a shovel at its groundbreaking ceremony in 1903. Originally a Masonic Temple, the building's monumental, neoclassical form is curved to embrace the winding Spokane River. Recently, Riverside Place was transformed into a first-class event and wedding venue. With an interior boasting original marble stairways and stately oak woodwork, it is the perfect spot for once-in-a-lifetime special occasions.

Anyone with an interest in historic structures will also want to explore the Spokane Flour Mill. Dating back to 1895, the mill was one of many built along the falls during the turn of the century. In preparation for the 1974 World's Fair, it was renovated into a shopping center. Now the Spokane Flour Mill contains a variety of small, local businesses sure to delight and enchant shoppers. Best of all, this touchstone to yesteryear has a convenient downtown location.

Should you be in need of some luxury and old-time glamour in your life, look no further than the Historic Davenport Hotel. Known as Washington's grandest hotel, the Historic Davenport has been the pride of Spokane for more than 100 years. You too can bask in the vintage ornamentation and attention to detail by renting a refurbished suite or attending a champagne brunch. Be sure to enjoy an award-winning double martini in the hotel's Peacock Room Lounge, which features a 5,000 piece stained glass ceiling over the bar. Light peers through the green, blue, and yellow glass, bathing the room in its soft tones. It's a man-made wonder  you cannot see anywhere else.

How did Spokane become the antidote to the friction of modern living? Part of the secret is keeping one foot firmly grounded in our history. Even as we embark down new, exciting avenues of change, we have never forgotten where we came from. Historic buildings, objects, and landmarks can be found around every corner. Won't you join us for a journey through time?

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