Off-Campus Study Spots Around Spokane

Are you tired of studying at the library or in your dorm? Here’s your sign to go explore some other options around Spokane. The Spokane region is full of off-campus coffee shops to study at. Plus, it’s proven that students are more productive when they change their study environment. If you’re stuck or lacking motivation, get off campus and try one of these area coffee shops.

West Plains Roasters Cheney Washington
Pictured: West Plains Roasters

First, let’s see how studying off-campus boosts your productivity and then, I’ll provide some off-campus study spots based on location to each university. Ready?

Why You Should Study Off-Campus

If you need a boost in productivity, this is what you ought to do. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these key reasons studying off-campus boosts productivity:

  • Studying off-campus stimulates creativity. Being exposed to a new environment brings out the explorer in you. If you’ve got to write an essay on an unusual topic, for example, you could get inspired by your surroundings. If, on the other hand, you’ve been studying in the same place for a long time, you might not allow your imagination to roam free anymore. You might need a change, that’s all.
  • It can be less distracting. When you put your headphones on, the whole world goes away. You can focus on what matters and forget about what’s going on around you. Plus, seeing students working on their assignments can be another productivity booster.

    Alright, now that you’re convinced to study off-campus here are the top coffee shops near each local Spokane university.

Best Spots To Study Off-Campus Around Spokane

Near Eastern Washington University

West Plains Roasters

Post up for hours at West Plains Roasters. Only about a 2-minute drive from the EWU campus, you’ll be ready to crank out your homework while drinking amazingly sourced coffee and tasty grub too.

Near Whitworth University

Little Garden Café Whitworth

Walk down to the Little Garden Café and get out of your dorm room. Plus, if you’re tired of the cafeteria food or cooking, they have amazing breakfast and lunch options to sustain your studying.

Thomas Hammer

Just a 3-minute drive north from Whitworth’s campus and you’ll be met with a nice change of scenery. They have been proudly voted Inlander’s Best Coffee Roaster and Best Local Coffee Chain. Go check it out for yourself!

Pictured: Arctos Coffee

Near Gonzaga University

Arctos Coffee

A great coffee place for college students, Arctos Coffee is yummy and just a quick 3-minute drive from Gonzaga’s campus. Don’t have a car? Not to fret, it’s only a half-mile walk.

The Best Coffee Shops To Study in Spokane

Cedar Coffee

  • From Gonzaga: 5-minute drive
  • From Whitworth: 14-minute drive
  • From Eastern: 23-minute drive

Just north of downtown and Kendall Yards is Cedar Coffee. It’s got a huge back room where you can focus on your assignments or bring your friends to study with you.

Ladder Coffee Roasters on Monroe
Pictured: Ladder Coffee Roasters on Monroe

Ladder Coffee Roasters on Monroe

  • From Gonzaga: 6-minute drive
  • From Whitworth: 11-minute drive
  • From Eastern: 25-minute drive

Further north on Monroe Street is Ladder Coffee Roasters' newest location. This is an atmosphere that’s sure to promote some focus. When you go be sure to ask about their unique seasonal coffee options.

Indaba Coffee Roasters On Nettleton

Indaba Coffee on Nettleton

  • From Gonzaga: 8-minute drive
  • From Whitworth: 17-minute drive
  • From Eastern: 25-minute drive

At Indaba on Nettleton, you'll find a modern look and delicious coffee! Plus, this study spot shares space with Hello Sugar donuts, which is a snack I could never refuse. For more study space, try Indaba’s Riverside location.

Boots Bakery

  • From Gonzaga: 4-minute drive
  • From Whitworth: 17-minute drive
  • From Eastern: 23-minute drive

This farm-to-table bakery is stunning. Boot's menu is mostly organic, and they’ve also got a vegan and gluten-free section. Perfect place to study and grab a snack.

Rocket Bakery

  • From Gonzaga: 7-minute drive
  • From Whitworth: 16-minute drive
  • From Eastern: 20-minute drive

If you’re ever here, try the pink cookie, it’s one of the best. The Rocket Bakery is your place for a sweet snack and tried and true coffee. If you’re studying late in the afternoon snag a beer while you work.

Wrapping Up

Finding a cozy place to study off-campus is a great idea for any student. Not to mention, the Spokane is packed with amazing coffee shops all over. Maybe it's time to start a Spokane coffee shop bucket list? Happy studying!

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