Silver Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort

Residing in the scenic, snowy mountains of Northern Idaho, Silver Mountain has some of the best ski slopes within an hour of Spokane. Silver Mt Resort is also home to the longest gondola in the US, allowing you to ride to the top of the trails in style and take in all the majestic beauty of this winter wonderland.

Silver Mountain Ski Resort

“Surf and ski, all in the same day”

When asked what separates Silver Mountain Resort from its peers, Marketing Coordinator Gus Colburn doesn’t hesitate.

“Our vibe is unmatched,” he says. And as proof, he points to what’s perhaps Silver Mountain’s most iconic feature: the gondola that ferries guests there and back. Built during the closing months of the 1980s, it offers scenic views of the area as it ascends toward Kellogg Peak.

“The gondola is the longest one in America, so the ride up gives you a chance to get in the zone and to think about the day you have ahead. Instead of focusing on driving up a dangerous, windy mountain road, you can just relax.”

But the gondola ride is just the appetizer to a multicourse meal. In addition to more than 70 trails and terrain features for skiers and snowboarders, areas that cater to those who prefer snow tubing and snowshoeing, plus plenty of dining and shopping amenities for all of its guests, Silver Mountain is also home to Silver Rapids, a football-field-sized indoor water park.

“What really sets us apart is the chance to surf and ski, all in the same day,” Colburn says. “Who doesn’t want to warm up in an 84-degree water park after skiing?”

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More than one reason to visit Silver Mt this Winter

If you’d prefer to master skiing before taking up surfing this winter, Silver Mountain has you covered. Literally. The magic carpet — think of it as a ground-level lift — has been given a roof to save beginners from having to contend with the elements and gravity at the same time.

“We also have a great team of rental technicians that help get you fitted with the right size boots and equipment,” Colburn says. “It’s never fun to be out there with boots that are too big or too tight. We also have a great team of ski and snowboard instructors with a lot of years of experience and who are trained to handle one-on-one private lessons or big group lessons if that fits your budget and is more your style.”

One of the resort’s most popular offerings along those lines is the Flexible 5 Pak. For $249, interested skiers and snowboarders ages 7 and up receive a five-lesson package that includes equipment rental and a lift ticket. Starting in January, they’ll be able to book lessons with one of the resort’s handpicked instructors, and graduates will either receive a season pass that’s valid for the remainder of the season or 50 percent off a 2022-23 season pass.

All season pass holders will have unlimited access to the mountain’s facilities and 1,600 skiable acres from the moment they have it in hand. Should the resort end up limiting lift tickets due to COVID arrangements, which Colburn says will be following “local and national health protocols,” he recommends that anyone without a pass make a point to book well in advance.

“No matter who you are, if you’re a skier or a snowboarder, or even if you’re just a tuber looking for a good time during the winter months, Silver Mountain is a great place to come and visit,” he says. “We have plenty of terrain for everyone from beginners to the most advanced skiers. We are a great place to bring a family because of our large beginner area, and the water park is a huge attraction, too.”

Silverwood theme park and waterpark

Silver Mtn Rapids Indoor Waterpark

The fun at Silver Mountain doesn't stop when the snow melts, as the Silver Mtn Indoor Waterpark is the perfect summertime activity for the whole family!

Admission to the Rapids Indoor Waterpark is included with every stay through Silver Mountain Lodging, making this the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family.

You can also purchase individual day passes to the park, so if the weather is warming up and you're looking for a little respite from the heat, then the Silver Mtn Rapids should not be missed!

Silver Mtn Waterpark Tickets

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