Ski & Snowboard

Fresh, crisp snow, meticulously groomed runs and a beautiful mountain setting await you this winter for Spokane skiing. Spokane isn’t just a ski town. It’s a hub for adventure seekers looking to challenge their skills and have some fun at not one, but five ski resorts all within two hours of downtown Spokane. Each mountain is host to adventures like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and much more this winter! Which adventure is waiting for you on the mountain?

5 Ski Resorts Within Two Hours of Downtown Spokane

When the sun goes down, make the quick drive back to the city and enjoy a relaxing meal and unwind with a handcrafted brew at one of our city’s collaborative restaurants or breweries. You don’t have to choose between a day on the mountain or an adventure in town. Because Spokane welcomes simplicity and ease, your day on the mountain can seamlessly transition to an evening on the town with friends celebrating your mountain conquests.

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