miFLAVOUR offers a variety of desserts, savories, beverages, and services. From fresh churned Italian gelato, fresh squeezed orange juice, chewy macarons, crisp croissants, and decadent cakes to services like corporate gifting, wedding cakes, custom cakes and even catering services.

miFlavour’s offerings are vast enough to delight any taste or occasion. But what makes them different? Is it the widespread taste range or the knowledge that each item is carefully created to be a delight to all the senses? While those are true, the truly most unique thing about miFLAVOUR is the standard to create every single piece of every single item from scratch by hand. The cake decorations to the chocolate coated candied oranges to the finishing garnishes on every item is created by hand from the incredible bakers behind the scenes. It is also that miFLAVOUR’s standard is to search locally for the finest ingredients, but Max and Ella aren’t afraid to import those things that are just incomparable to the ingredient’s birthplace.


  • Coffee & Tea
  • European
  • Fast Casual Dining
  • Sweets


3403 E Sprague Ave
Spokane, Washington 99202