Top Rock-Climbing Areas In Spokane

Whether you’re looking to improve your climbing skills in an indoor facility or test them outdoors, Spokane has you covered. With a variety of crags offering diverse climbing routes, there are plenty of excellent climbing spots to choose from. Eastern Washington has numerous outdoor crag options, whether you love trad, sport climbing, or bouldering.

Outdoor Climbing Areas Near Spokane


This is a popular destination, with a 70 ft main wall. There are over 70 climbing routes and over 100 bouldering routes to choose from, offering plenty of variety to all types of climbers.

Dishman Hills

The terrain is child-friendly and there are 38 routes to choose from, which test both your strength and technique. The Chicken Spread is a favorite warm-up route, whilst the Free Installation route is a tougher sport route.

Mirabeau Point Park

If you’re looking for sport climbing routes, then head to Mirabeau. It has 14 bolted routes, most of which are top-ropeable and the crag itself if also child-friendly. The Viva La Revolution route, located near the Mirabeau waterfall, is a challenging and popular route.

Cliff Drive

Located right in the heart of town, Cliff Drive is a great choice. The approach is only one minute and you have 20 routes to choose from. The routes are well-bolted and despite being short, are challenging.

Liberty Park

If you’re looking for some bouldering routes, then Liberty Park is worth a visit. A basalt cave provides about 5 steep boulder routes to explore and the approach is only 1 minute.

Rocks Of Sharon

There is a 20-minute approach, some of which is a fairly steep hike, to reach over 60 routes and stunning scenery. Some routes are even child-friendly. The Perfect Storm crag offers a great sport route with a fantastic view.

Deep Creek

There are over 60 sport routes available at Deep Creek. They are bolted safely for leading, although there are no top rope routes. “The main wall can be climbed even on rainy days. The Roach is a popular warm-up route, which even though it isn’t long, is overhanging almost the whole way. If you want to test your endurance, then give the Pit Lizard route a go,” says Carey Shay, a sports blogger at Writinity and Last minute writing.

McLellan Rocks

The area boasts over 80 routes of all varieties, including trad, sport, and also bouldering, with new routes still being developed. Not only is there a great variety of routes, but the area is also secluded.


With an approach of between 5 to 20 minutes, the routes at Tumtum can be tricky to find and some of the approaches are quite scrambly and difficult. There are over 25 routes to choose from, most of which are trad routes, with a few bouldering ones available too.

Post Falls (Q'emiln Park)

If you’re predominantly looking for sport routes, then look no further than Q’emiln Park. Choose from over 80 sport routes, as well as a few trad ones too. Most routes are on granite, meaning they are friendly on your fingertips. This is another child-friendly climbing spot.

Indoor Climbing Facilities in Spokane

For those looking to improve their bouldering skills, then Bloc Yard Bouldering Gym is the place to head to. Roped and bouldering walls are available at Wild Walls Climbing Gym as well as the EWU EPIC Rock Climbing Wall. The latter also offers free climbing to students. Finally, you can also check out WSU’s climbing wall in the Student Recreation Centre, which offers routes for beginners, as well as experienced climbers.

Groups Offering Training

There is a range of groups that offer training in Spokane. Free open-climb sessions, with all equipment provided, are hosted by REI, whilst the Wild Walls Climbing Gym offers a range of classes and sessions for adults and youths alike.

“If you’re looking to learn climbing techniques, both indoors and outdoors, then head to one of the classes offered by Spokane Mountaineers each year. Alternatively, Eastern Washington University also offers classes to students and the general public,” says Jeremy Broughton, a travel writer at Draft beyond and Research papers UK.

Whether you’re looking for bouldering, trad or sport routes, you’ll be able to find a climbing area to suit you. With plenty of indoor climbing facilities to practice and a range of groups to help you improve, you can climb safely and confidently in Spokane.

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