1899 House Bed & Breakfast

1899 House was designed by the architect Loren Rand and constructed for the 10th Mayor of Spokane, Edward Louis Powell, and his wife Dora. One of the Powell's children, Gerda, married a Rigby, and they later occupied the home with their family. During the early 1950s, as in many cases following WWII and The Korean War, the Powell home was sold out-of-family and converted to six apartments. In the 1990s its main floor was returned to single-family use, with the upstairs four apartments continuing multi-use. In 2002, Louie Flores III purchased the home and began restoring its interior to its original single-family footprint.

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  • Family Friendly
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1899 House Bed & Breakfast

1728 W 1st Ave
Spokane, Washington 99201