For the Love of God Brewing

We are a small locally owned business. My wife Dawn and I own, and run the brewery, along with 2 other employees. We put a lot of care into everything we produce here. That includes the beer, food, much of the merchandise, as well as the taproom. We designed and built everything in our taproom including light fixtures, furniture, tap and flight handles, and even the strange texture on the wall. We focus much of our efforts on service, and product quality. We have a strong passion for people, as well as beer and food. We are best known for our fruited pastry sour ales, our hazy, juicy, New England IPA, and our pastry stouts.

Our core values are Passion, Progression, Patience, and Daring.

Our main goal is that anyone who visits FTLOGB feels the love that we put into everything we do. And that maybe it even encourages them to spread some of that love around.

Feel the love, in every pour.



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For the Love of God Brewing

2617 W Northwest Blvd
Spokane, Washington 99205