Terrain Gallery

Terrain Gallery has become a critical and important space for artists and the public alike. In addition to being one of the most beautiful, well-respected galleries in town, Terrain Gallery hosts a myriad of public events including artist-led workshops, artist panels and talks, and large, collaborative showcases like Spokane Print Fest.

We’ve partnered with EWU, Whitworth, and SCC giving students interested in the arts intern opportunities, and have made a tremendous effort to highlight subject matters with depth and relevance to the Spokane community.

One of the foundational principles of Terrain Gallery is to show the work of as diverse populations as possible. To date, we have shown the work of 189 artists. Of those 189 artists, 73 identify as artists of color, 47 LGBTQ+, and 76 women. We have also sought out partnerships with additional underrepresented voices including unsheltered teens and Spokane's immigrant populations.

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Terrain Gallery

304 W Pacific Ave
Spokane, Washington 99201