Spooky Spokane: A Halloween Guide

It’s almost Halloween in Spokane. And whether you’re a grade-schooler hoping to score the best costume, a young adult looking for a raucous night out or a parent eager to see the magic through your child’s eyes, there’s reason to celebrate. Here’s a guide to this season’s festivities.

Scarywood Haunted Nights*

October 2 - 30, 2015 | Thurs: 6:30 – 11pm, Fri – Sat: 7pm – 1am
Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach Water Park

If Halloween events were films, this would be Spokane’s mega-blockbuster summer movie. Think Avatar. Complete with a train ride through the Zombie Apocalypse, this high-production attraction sees Silverwood’s 200-acre park overrun by crazed zombies, demented clowns and chainsaw-wielding madmen. Watch your step, because these motley characters lie at every turn.
* Not recommended for young children, contact Silverwood directly with questions.

Ghosts of Downtown Spokane

Offered throughout October
Inland Empire Tours

A number of celestial spirits call downtown Spokane home. And this is your chance to meet them...or at least see where they hang out. Part history, part folklore, you'll never look at Spokane the same after discovering the paranormal underpinnings of some its most iconic spots. To register, call Inland Empire Tours at (509) 747-1335 or (888) 654-8367.

Spokane Haunted Cemeteries

October 30, 2015 | Noon – 2pm, 2:30 pm – 4:30pm
Inland Empire Tours

Great storytelling makes these cemeteries come to life -- hopefully not literally. Tour spooky spots like the Ghost Ghetto, the Thousand Haunted Steps, Anthony Cannon's unsettled grave and more. To register, call Inland Empire Tours at (509) 747-1335 or (888) 654-8367.

Pumpkin Picking at Green Bluff Farms

Fall Season
Green Bluff Farms

Nothing says Halloween like a glowing jack-o’-lantern. And how you find your pumpkin is just as important as how you carve it. Skip the grocery store variety and head to Green Bluff Farms, where you’ll find picturesque pumpkin patches accompanied by corn mazes, hay rides, fresh cider and other u-pick goodies.

Spokane Zombie Crawl

October 3, 2015
Downtown Spokane

Kickstart the Halloween season with the Spokane Zombie Crawl. This annual pub crawl attracts hundreds of participants decked out in zombie and zombie-hunter garb. Register online and join the fun.

Symphonic Films at The Fox: Nosferatu

October 31, 2015 | Saturday: 7:30pm
Spokane Civic Theatre

Newer isn’t always better. Before the days of surround sound speakers, live musicians accompanied movie screenings. None did it better than this famous 1920s German film adaptation of Dracula — utilizing creaky percussive effects and tremoring minor keys to terrify audiences. On Halloween, the Spokane Symphony will bring its own chilling performance to the silver screen at The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox.  

Claustropanic Escape Room Adventures

Schedule Your Visit

Groups who visit Claustropanic are placed in a staged “Adventure Room” where they are given clues, decipher codes, puzzles and riddles to try to escape. Clautropanic is open year-round, but what better time than the Halloween season to star in your own horror movie? Visit their website to learn more and book a visit.

Pumpkin Painting

October 28 or 29, 2015 | Wed or Thur: 10:30am
Mobius Children’s Museum

Drop your kids off at Mobius’s Pumpkin Painting class so they can get in the holiday spirit and tap into their creativity. Everyone gets their own pumpkin to bring home.

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