Fall Things To Do in Spokane

We welcome cooler weather and crisp evenings. As a city surrounded by rural communities, fall beckons harvest time. Harvest time sparks gatherings of friends and family, fruits and vegetables for annual traditions, and new ones too. As you plan your time in the Pacific Northwest, check out these fall things to do in Spokane!

What's Fall Without...

A Trip to Green Bluff

There’s no better place to indulge in fall festivities than at Green Bluff Growers. Green Bluff is a growers association of more than 30 family farms (plus nearly 30 more artisan vendors and shops) situated in 12 square miles just north of Spokane. Green Bluff invites the public to visit, pick produce, and buy farm-fresh, seasonal foods on weekends and special events year-round.

Pumpkin Everything

From picking the perfect pumpkin to indulging in one too many pumpkin donuts, you'll find pumpkin everything at Green Bluff. Explore pumpkin patches as far as the eye can see, ripe for the picking, and enjoy fresh pumpkin donuts before or after your search.

Fall Colors

Fall colors are on full display in the Spokane region, where parks, neighborhoods, and trails are all adorned in the season’s hues. Take a day and peruse the top locations in the city to view trees showing off their brilliant hues. You might check out Finch Arboretum, a tree lover's paradise, or head to Manito Park and Boulevard where scarlet maple leaves frame serene koi ponds and footbridges in the Japanese Gardens.

Fall in Love with Spokane State Parks

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