Howard Street Promenade Installation

May 27th to Jul 4th

Howard Street was originally converted to a pedestrian-only promenade during Expo '74 as part of the creation of Riverfront Park. Since that time, Spokane's Downtown Master Plan has called for extending that promenade north toward North Central High School and south toward Lewis & Clark High School to create a walkable corridor through Downtown Spokane that is traffic-calmed and open for dining, music, and art installations.

This installation will extend the existing Riverfront Park portion of the Howard Street Promenade north two blocks from Riverfront Park to Joe Albi Way. The installation uses pavement markings, traffic control elements, planters, and street seating to create an extension of the promenade and offer more space for walking, bicycling and street dining near restaurants on Howard Street.

Howard street - North of Riverfront Park

Howard and Mallon
Spokane, WA 99201

  • Admission: Free