Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) Funding

The TPA hotel fee was created to provide targeted funding to help Spokane County compete with other cities to gain overnight visitors.

TPA Grants 2024 – 2025

As we continue to recover from the pandemic and adjust to the new Interlocal agreement between Spokane County (unincorporated) and the City of Spokane, the Spokane Hotel and Motel TPA Commission has opted to hold on Event Grants through 2025. The Commission encourages events and festival coordinators to apply for funds via the City of Spokane's Lodging Tax Advisory Council (LTAC).

TPA Meeting Notice



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Spokane Hotel and Motel Commission (“Commission”), pursuant to the provisions of RCW 42.30.080, that a meeting will be held by the Commission on November 30, 2023, at 1:00 pm. This meeting will be held in the GSI First floor Conference Room, 801 W Riverside, Spokane, WA 99201. Enter the building on Post Street.

The purpose of the meeting will be:

  • Funding allocation process
  • Petition Update
  • Budget Proposal

The terminology “action” as used herein shall mean deliberate, discuss, consider, review, evaluate, make a collective decision, or take a vote on the above-listed item.

Any person may appear at the time, place, and date set forth herein-above and observe the action(s) of the Commission. No public testimony will be accepted on the item(s) listed above. The Commission may hold an executive session during the special meeting for any reason set forth in RCW 42.30.110. The public will not be allowed to attend any executive session.

Additional information may be obtained on this notice by contacting Rose Noble at 509-742-9370 or

Rose Noble, TPA Manager Representative

AGENDA: 11.30.23


2022 TPA Grant Recipients




BWBF AssociationBlue Waters Bluegrass Festival$500.00
The Fairchild Air Force Base Non-appropriated Funds Instrumentality13th CISM World Military Women's Soccer Championship$10,875.00
JAKT Foundation (formerly Vision Marketing)Crave!$2,719.00
Eastern Washington UniversityThe Get Lit! Festival$2,225.00
Spokane Hoopfest AssociationSpokane Hoopfest$9,375.00
Lilac Bloomsday AssociationBloomsday Run$1,875.00
Northwest Museum of Arts - NW MACDreamWorks Animation: Journey from Sketch to Screen$6,063.00
The Spokane Symphony SocietyCelebrate the Season with the Spokane Symphony$4,344.00
Spokane Valley Summer TheatreSpokane Valley Summer Theatre 2022 Blockbuster Season$2,838.00
Spokane Americans Youth Hockey AssociationSpokane Youth Hockey Tournaments Promo Project$ 2,875.00
Negative Split LLCWindermere Marathon$4,063.00



A brief history of the Spokane Tourism Promotion Area (TPA)

The purpose of the TPA fund is to grow our tourism economy through increased visitor spending in Spokane County lodging establishments as well in retail, restaurant, transportation, attraction, and other hospitality establishments.

In 2004, Spokane-area lodging establishments petitioned Spokane County to establish a TPA assessment collection that began in June of 2004. State RCW 35.10 provides the legislation for TPAs.

TPA funds are made available through the support of Spokane County, City of Spokane Valley, and City of Spokane lodging businesses.

The rate is $5 per room night, collected by lodging establishments from direct charges to overnight visitors. TPA funds are an assessment, not a tax, added to the cost of a hotel/motel room with permission from the Spokane Hotel and Motel Commission.

NOTE: “Lodging Tax” is a rebate from the sales tax collected on room sales, returned to the city/county to help promote tourism. These are separate funds from TPA funds, with different rules for use and different advisory commissions.

Why tourism is important. ¹Visitor spending in Spokane County was approximately $1.4 billion in 2022. This spending supports more than 17,426 jobs in the local tourism industry and generated $219 million in non-resident tax revenues collected in Spokane County.

The County has contracted with Visit Spokane to act as the administrative manager for the TPA. As managers we:

  • Ensure compliance with all regulations
  • Develop an annual estimate of income and budget
  • Administer contracts with funded agencies
  • Perform administrative duties for the Spokane Hotel and Motel Commission

The Spokane Hotel and Motel (TPA) Commission is made up of eight members, representing the three jurisdictions. Members are hoteliers appointed by City and county elected officials. This Commission evaluates applications for funding and makes recommendations to the County for fund disbursements.

¹Source: Tourism Economics County Data, 2023

County Ordinance 4-0141, section 4 reads as follows:


The revenues from the Special Assessment levied by Spokane County on the Operators of Lodging Businesses situated within the Spokane County Tourism Promotion Area shall be used for the following purposes only:

  1. The funding of all activities and expenditures designed to increase tourism promotion and convention business within Spokane County as specified in the Spokane County Tourism Promotion Area Budget.
  2. The marketing of convention business that benefits local tourism and lodging businesses in Spokane County.
  3. The marketing of Spokane County to the travel industry in order to benefit local tourism and lodging businesses within the Spokane County Tourism Promotion Area.
  4. The marketing of Spokane County to recruit major sporting events in order to promote local tourism and to benefit lodging businesses within the Spokane County Tourism Promotion Area.