Who We Are

Visit Spokane is a team of industry professionals passionate about promoting Spokane.

We are Marketers
We set goals, define audiences, nurture relationships, and measure results.
We sell our destination, all of us, always.

We are Transparent
Our foundation is transparency, trust, and integrity.
We share our decisions, successes, and failures.

We are Generous
We share our assets and information with partners.
We contribute our resources to causes that improve Spokane.

We are Collaborative
We work well with others.
We know that we are better together.

We are Helpful
We serve our visitors, clients, and partners over ourselves.
We create positive change in Spokane.

We are Bold
We take creative risks.
We know Spokane is not for everyone.

We are Fun
We know that we work best when we are happy.
We make time to play.

We are Kind
We treat all people with respect.
We are intolerant of intolerance.

We are Adventurous
We are on a quest for what’s new.
We run in the front of the pack.