Print Advertising

Visitors looking for things to do in Spokane look to our distinctive publications. When you advertise in the Visitor Guide and Visitor Map, you reach tens of thousands of potential customers.

Official Regional Visitor Guide

The Visitor Guide is published annually. 75,000 copies are distributed via direct mail, welcome centers, hotels, and information racks in four states. There is an ad size for every budget!


Visitor Guide Downtown Dining Map

Offered exclusively to Food & Drink establishments in the downtown core! Inserted in the Visitor Guide, the perforated map will easily pullout. The map will also be produced as a standalone and provided to convention and meeting attendees and Visitor Center guests.

Dining Map Advertising Rates

Visitor Map

The Visitor Map is the most requested print piece Visit Spokane publishes. 150,000 copies are distributed each year to visitors looking for adventure. Advertising opportunities are limited in the map. Don't miss your chance to stand out!

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