Style Guide

This is the page introduction.

Text Editor Heading: use to introduce a block of text.

Use the text editor widget to display blocks of readable text. Choose from different headings to separate content themes.

Heading 2 style

Heading 3 style

Readable text

If desired, choose to offset your text block with a background color. You can also choose to split the text into two columns. Control this on the Settings tab of the widget.

Text Editor: Teal Background

Heading 2 style

Heading 3 style

Readable text

Text Editor: Grey Background

Heading 2 style

Heading 3 style

Readable text

Text Editor: Split Layout

Use the split layout to divide your copy into two columns.

When using split layout, please refrain from using H2 or H3 styling - use readable text only.

Blockquote: Use to highlight important snippets of content of quotes. Citation Optional

Accordion Widget: When to Use It

The accordion widget should be used when pages feature extremely long content that needs to be condensed.

Accordion Widget: Why Use It?

Accordions are a helpful way to improve usability on a very long, text-heavy page. FAQ pages are a good example of when the accordion widget is particularly helpful.

Accordion Widget: How To Use It

Create a new "Content Section" for each topic in the accordion. The "Title" introduces the visitor to the information included in the section, while "Content" includes the long-form copy that relates to the individual section topic.

Pictured: Image (Asset), Full Layout: Caption and Link Optional
style guide placeholder image
Pictured: Image (Asset), Center Layout: Caption and Link Optional

Featured Content

Mashup Layout

Banner Layout

Spotlight Layout

Ancillary Heading


Spotlights allow you to display content overlaid on a muted background image. Choose the background image at the widget (not the entry) level.

Hero Layout


Use the hero layout to display content in an immersive way at any point on the page.

Tempest Shared Widgets

Hero Video

3rd Party Media

Embed Code: Use to feature content from YouTube, Instagram, and the like

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Listing Section

Use to display partner, event calendar, or blog listings. Choose to filter listings by partner category, region, and more. If desired, photos can be disabled on listings.

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