Centennial Trail Spokane

Roaring through the heart of the city, the Spokane River Gorge and Falls are the region’s calling card. A gathering place through the centuries, the Spokane River serves as a daily and central reminder of the majestic beauty that we get to see and enjoy every single day.

Partake in a leisurely walk along its banks and take in how it keeps the city’s heart beating. The Centennial Trail in Spokane runs along the river for much of its 40-mile stretch. In Spokane, walk the trail from Kendall Yards into Riverfront Park. Enjoy local shops and eateries along the way.

Once in Riverfront Park, experience the full power of the Spokane Falls up close on one of two suspension bridges that swing above the water. During the spring run-off, when the falls are at their height, cool down with the continuous mist immitted by the crashing water below.

For a different vantage point, walk across the street and down into Huntington Park, to see the lower falls. A feat of ingenuity, the lower falls spin turbines bringing hydroelectric power to the entire region. Take a break by the water and relax in the lush greens of the new city park created just so we could enjoy the beauty of the Spokane Falls that much more.

But downtown Spokane isn’t the only place to walk along the water. In Northwest Spokane, the river carves its way through Riverside State Park where there’s a network of waterside trails to explore. Walk over the Bowl and Pitcher and look on as rafters plow through the river’s rapids seeking adventure.

The Centennial Trail continues through Spokane Valley. Here, the river calms into a tranquil flow, great for a contemplative walk, easy jog, or mellow stroll. Join the river walk at Mirabeau Park where you can enjoy a picnic with family and friends and watch the children play at the Discovery Playground before or after walking along the water. Venture off the trail and climb around the boulders and rocks along the river’s edge – it’s safe for everyone, but always exercise caution when along the Spokane River.

The Spokane River and Spokane Falls are a must-see and must enjoy attraction for every visitor to our city. We invite you to lace up your shoes, pack a picnic and bring your camera along as you enjoy this natural marvel that makes our city a place of beauty and might no matter what time of year you stop by.   

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