Art Shopping

Get to know Spokane from a different angle when you shop locally for art. From photography showcasing the wilderness of Northwestern nature to abstract paintings celebrating the vividly surreal, Spokane has something for everyone.

Shop for an extra-special gift or a priceless souvenir at any of several art cooperatives which harness the creativity of local artists and artisans in one location.

New Moon Art Gallery, for instance, was created by artists, for artists. A step inside immerses you in the possibilities created  from a concentration of creative minds. Opt for fine art expressed through mixed mediums which layer textures for a three dimensional visual experience, or choose from wearable art pieces like intricate, gemstone-encrusted metalwork jewelry.

Inside the historic Liberty Building, Pottery Place Plus is an artisan co-op established in 1978. Teeming with local art, a visit gives you the chance to happen upon one of the artists tending to their display. Perhaps you’ll strike up a conversation with a proprietor or local art lover and gain even greater insight into the artistic side of Spokane. Any of the showroom’s carefully crafted artisan pottery, glass, or wood pieces will make your art adventure worthwhile.

While Spokane art emphasizes local artists, you’ll also find works representative of the entire region including the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.

Spokane’s growing art scene offers the opportunity to take home a masterpiece reflecting the unique perspective of talented residents and Spokane itself. Complete your trip to the city with a memorable excursion shopping for art.

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