Best Brunch and Breakfast Spots in Spokane According to Locals

We've all heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. There truly is no better way to begin your day in Spokane than with a meal that will fuel your day's adventures. Curb your appetite with a classic or eclectic morning meal that will leave a tasty impression of the Spokane region. We asked Spokanites to share with us their favorite breakfast and brunch spots around their hometown. Below I've put together the seven best spots for brunch Spokane has to offer!

The 7 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots Near Spokane


By far, Chaps is a local favorite when it comes to breakfast and brunch. The cafe and bakery sit on the edge of town just off Highway 195. Chaps is known for its Americana comfort food and exceptional dining experience. The 4,000 square foot, 1912 renovated farmhouse provides vintage chic vibes with various antique finds throughout the restaurant. To say Chaps has character is an understatement. Beyond the dining experience from the restaurant itself, the pastries and food will have your mouth watering. Their blueberry muffin french toast is just as decadent as it sounds, and you won’t regret a single bite of it. If a more classic breakfast option suits your fancy, the Chaps scramble will leave your belly more than satisfied. At Chaps you can expect to eat fresh and yummy food, drink strong coffee, and surround yourself with the locals.

The Yards Bruncheon

Is bruncheon even a word? Yes, yes, it is. It's a meal that typically combines elements of breakfast and lunch. At The Yards Bruncheon, you can eat breakfast the whole day. Their food features comfort foods from all over by sourcing ingredients from local farms and producers in season. Located in Kendall Yards, the Yards features a fun diner atmosphere. Spokanites love huckleberries, so try the Yards' Huckleberry pancakes for a local take on our city. Or, for those that would genuinely have tacos for every meal, try their chorizo n' egg tacos. They will not disappoint.

Frank’s Diner

All board Frank's Diner! They've been proudly serving customers since 1906. Someone transformed the former presidential train car into a diner in 1931. Today, you'll get a side of whimsy with delicious made-from-scratch cooking. Take your pick of their two locations, one in downtown Spokane and another located in north Spokane. Frank's Diner has proudly won Best Breakfast and Best Diner for more than two decades. Now, it's time for you to see what the rave is all about.


You won’t get just your average brunch at the Bruncheonette. Offering mouth-watering flavors, the Bruncheonette has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that separates them from other Spokane brunch spots. Brunch isn’t just for the weekends, people! One of my favorite dishes at the Bruncheonette is their smoked brisket hash. Their twist on a traditional hash by adding brisket is to die for, so naturally, it’s my go-to order. Overall, their brunch menu is different, flavorful, and packed with fun new things to try that won’t scare off those that have less adventurous palates. You can find the Bruncheonette in downtown Spokane for dine-in, take out, and delivery.

Elliotts, An Urban Kitchen

Situated in the heart of the Monroe District, Elliotts An Urban Kitchen is a family-run business. They serve a contemporary American fusion menu that appeals to a broad range of people. Many of their dishes are things they’ve cooked at home over the years. Elliotts serves a traditional brunch menu on Sundays. They also partner with several Monroe District businesses like Bellwether Brewing Co., Alpine Bakery who provides all of their bread and sandwich buns, and Vessel Coffee Roasters. Overall, Elliotts is keen on using as many local ingredients as possible, along with numerous local vendors. Support local!

Old European

Old European prides itself on original recipes and real products. If you’re a fan of orange juice in the morning, you’ll be happy to know that Old European squeezes real oranges for the realest orange juice. Some of their most unique menu items you must try are German potato pancakes, Danish Aebelskievers, Dutch babies, and Swedish crepes. You can’t go wrong with any of those savory options, although I’m partial to the Aebelskievers. Currently, Old European is open for dine-in, takeout, and delivery.

Rocket Bakery

Spokane is home to 6 different Rocket Bakery locations evenly spread throughout the city's most popular neighborhoods. This bakery is time and time again voted the best bakery in the city and one of the best brunch spots in Spokane if you're looking for lighter fare. From scones to bagels and breakfast burritos, Rocket Bakery is local favorite. Everything made at Rocket Bakery is fresh and made with locally sourced ingredients.

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