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Making the Most of Memorial Day Weekend

If you’re anything like me, Memorial Day weekend has a tendency to take you by surprise. There are no gifts to remember to purchase, no holiday tunes to remind you the reason for the season—just an awkward conversation between coworkers at lunch who ask you if you have...Read More

Scouting Out Craft Beer Week

Today marks the inauguration of Spokane Craft Beer Week, a new tradition that will undoubtedly become a regional favorite in the coming years. While for some, every week is a celebration of the beverage that built civilization—no, seriously—the week of May 11-17...Read More

Tips for Tasters: A Spokane Wine Guide

To put it simply, there are two ways to drink wine. One, just do it. Drink. Enjoy. Be happy. This is the wine appreciation technique that requires nothing more than, you know, a mouth. But the second way to drink wine is to think while you drink. That is, take a bit more time to...Read More

So, you’re in Spokane for a sporting event…

March Madness is about to begin, but let’s face it, the entire month of March is crazy-full of sporting events in the Spokane region. With the Hardwood Classic, the Pacific Northwest Qualifier and the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, there’s going to be a...Read More

My Guide to Inlander Restaurant Week

Inlander Restaurant Week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. In fact, for the past two (now three) years, my husband and I have opted out of celebrating Valentine’s Day so that we could go to an extra restaurant during Restaurant Week. So yeah, I love it. Why?...Read More

Beyond Chocolate and Flowers: Six Original Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Spokane

The pressure’s on this year. Not only does Valentine’s Day fall on a Saturday. It falls on the Saturday of a three day weekend. If you’re a clueless guy like me: Pay Attention! These things matter. The 14th feeds hungry hearts and an open calendar means no...Read More

Finding Indoor Fun in Spokane

It’s too cold to go outside, you’ve emptied out the DVR, and your rear end is starting to get as mushy as those couch cushions that you’ve called home for the last couple weeks. You may think there is nothing to do this time of year if you’re not...Read More

My Top 5 Winter Excursions in Spokane

Everyone loves a cozy winter day curled up with hot coco and a Christmas movie, but one too many days on the couch and cozy can feel cramped. This is a one stop guide to kicking the pajamas off and getting outside in Spokane. And you don’t have to be a hot shot skier or...Read More

Spokane Christmas Gift Guide

Whether you’re buying a Christmas gift for family members who have relocated, or you’re just looking for something with Northwest flare to give to friends locally, there is no shortage of gifts that are unmistakably Spokane. Strideline Socks ($13.97) Spokane’s...Read More

My Favorite Spokane Boutiques

Boutique shopping makes it possible to achieve that one-of-a-kind look, but boutique shopping in Spokane makes it possible to get that look at a reasonable price. I used to shy away from boutiques because I assumed you had to pay big money for those not-so-well-known name brands....Read More

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