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Champagne Sunday Brunch…

Enjoy our Champagne Sunday Brunch for two (brunch reservations recommended…

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Champagne Sunday Brunch…

Enjoy our Champagne Sunday Brunch for two (brunch reservations recommended…

Spokane Insiders' Blog

Finding Free Things To Do in Spokane

When I travel, one of my favorite things to do is stretch my money as far as it can go. It’s a little game I play against myself. I know that if I can skip breakfast and eat a cheap lunch, I won’t feel guilty about spending a few extra dollars on a well-deserved beer or...Read More

Summer in Spokane – Water Activities

Summer in Spokane is hot! And I’m not just talking about the weather. When it gets really warm in Spokane there are a handful of things that make this THE place to be. Undoubtedly, the water is the most popular place to visit when the hot weather rolls in. It’s one...Read More

Spring in Spokane

Longer days, baseball season and tons of sunshine can only mean one thing...spring is here! While there are many ways to experience spring in Spokane, below are three things that I think are must-do, can't miss, bucket list items that you have to check out while in Spokane. See the...Read More

Best Spots for Business Dining and More in Spokane

I live in downtown Spokane; at least it feels that way. Since 2009, I've spent most of my work day and many evenings at my criminal defense law firm, Action Legal Group, in the heart of Spokane. When it comes to anything Spokane, the attorneys in our office definitely have a...Read More

Inlander Restaurant Week: Mackenzie River Pizza

My husband and I ventured to Mackenize River Pizza for Inlander Restaurant Week and were greeted quickly and pleasantly. It is a family friendly restaurant, with a Northwest theme. Stephanie, our server, was very helpful, explained the menu and was attentive to our needs. The...Read More

Enjoying Inlander Restaurant Week

Inlander Restaurant Week is an exciting time for me. As a former chef, good food is fun to discover and this event is a great opportunity to experience different establishments at a reasonable price. So far this week I have eaten at Webster's Saloon, Longhorn BBQ and Manito Tap...Read More

Inlander Restaurant Week: Renatus

I had never heard of Renatus until browsing through the Inlander Restaurant Week guide and luckily I noticed it! When we arrived we weren't sure what to expect but much to our delight it was beautiful! It had such a warm, home-y feel with the wide open bar and dining area and...Read More

Why I Love Inlander Restaurant Week

The first reason I love Restaurant Week is that so far we have dined at three restaurants where we have never had dinner before - isn't that part of the fun? We live in the Spokane Valley and dining in Northwest Spokane is rarely on our way to something from where we live, but now...Read More

Inlander Restaurant Week: Longhorn BBQ

On Tuesday as the day neared 4pm, I received my husband's daily "What's for dinner?" text. I grabbed a copy of the Inlander Restaurant Week guide before leaving work and picked out Longhorn Barbecue in Spokane Valley. I knew my husband would be thrilled and I admit...I had...Read More

When Bach is More Than Bach

Here's a funny thing about the Northwest Bach Festival: a lot of the music was written by someone other than Bach. Well, maybe that's not funny-hilarious. But it does, I think, require pointing out because this big event -- it's 13 days long! -- has something for everybody. And not...Read More

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