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Google Trekker Arrives in Spokane

  Hey hikers, travelers, visitors and everybody else who wants to check out everything in Spokane: there's a new tool to add to your tech utility belt. Google Trekker has just launched in the Spokane region, and it's giving us a look at area parks, trails, golf courses and...Read More

Making the Most of Labor Day in Spokane

Labor Day weekend is here, and while it may be the unofficial last hurrah for summer, there's still plenty to do and enjoy in Spokane. From baseball games to fun food, there's something for everyone as we bid farewell to hot summer days and long summer nights. Pig Out in the Park ...Read More

School's Out: Check These Out!

Ah, summer. The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and parents are frantically trying to keep their kids busy to avoid the dreaded cry of "I'm bored!" Lucky for parents (and kids!), it's impossible to be bored in Spokane. Below is a list of great activities that...Read More

Be a Tourist in Your Own Town!

Spokane locals have developed a reputation for not liking to stray too far from their nest. It’s not just us, though—when you’ve lived somewhere for a while, it’s easy to become comfortable. You find your favorite park, your favorite restaurant, your...Read More

Large Local Marmot Population Turns Out To Be Three Extremely Fast Marmots

Local biologists have made a shocking discovery about the Spokane region’s marmot population, once estimated to be comprised of more than 4,000 marmots. “To estimate animal population, we’ll tag a sample size of the critter in a given area and crunch some...Read More

Spokane 101: A Crash Course for NCAA Visitors

Spokane would like to welcome all NCAA tournament-goers! From Maryland to Hawaii and all places in between, you’ve come to watch your team battle for glory. You’ve left the familiar behind and landed in Spokane. Which got us to thinking, how can we make you feel at...Read More

Inlander Restaurant Week: Visit Spokane Staff Picks

The hardest part about Inlander Restaurant Week is choosing where to go. Over 100 restaurants participate and every three course meal seems unbeatable...until you read the next one. That being said, we tasked the staff at Visit Spokane to make their picks. Here's what piqued our...Read More

Date Night Ideas in the Spokane Region

Friday night rolls around, you’re with your significant other and the popular (sometimes dreaded) question comes up…what should we do? From dinner to activities to places to stay, the list of options can be hard to narrow down sometimes. Fear not, lovebirds -...Read More

Les Liaisons Dangereuses: Delightful Depravity

It doesn't seem fair to call the Spokane Civic Theatre a "hidden" gem. Geographically hidden, maybe. It's tucked in between two large parking lots adjacent to the Spokane Arena, out of view from all but careful observers driving down Boone Avenue. But "hidden...Read More

New Year's Resolutions: Spokane Style

Time Magazine occasionally publishes a list of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, diet, quit smoking, volunteer…sound familiar? You may have broken one of these resolutions yourself—but don’t feel bad. Instead, make a resolution...Read More

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