Our Neighborhoods

The capital of the Intermountain Northwest, Spokane is an exciting, engaging and generous city made up of several distinct neighborhoods. Each different from the next, Spokane’s neighborhoods each offer a different experience while still sharing the same values that make Spokane bold and creative.

Walk through the streets of Downtown Spokane and experience the city’s history living side-by-side with new enterprise and reinvented spaces. It’s all punctuated by the raging and powerful Spokane River gorge and the beautiful Riverfront Park. In Downtown Spokane, the heart of the city meets the beauty of nature seamlessly.

Explore Spokane’s past in one of its oldest neighborhoods, Browne’s Addition, or jump across the river to one of the city’s newest, Kendall Yards. Distinctly different, the two places are both vibrant hubs of city life. 
In the South Perry District and the Garland District you can search for treasures at antique shops, sip craft brews and enjoy some of the city’s best street art.

In North Spokane discover the engaging communities of the Northwest, East Central and the Emerson-Garfield neighborhoods. A home to Spokane’s eager minds, beautiful parks and vibrant shopping centers, the north side of Spokane offers a quiet contrast to the excitement of the urban core.

A city ready for you to explore and discover, Spokane has a neighborhood ready to open its doors to you.

Spokane Spotlights