Garland District

Tucked on Spokane’s northside, the Garland District is where culture meets history. A walkable neighborhood, the Garland District is where visitors can explore art galleries and antique shops while stopping in at record and bookstores all under the shadow of the some of the city’s beloved landmarks.

At the northwest corner of the neighborhood, visitors are greeted by the marquee for the historic Garland Theater. Opened in 1945, the Garland is Spokane’s longest running independent theater. Following multiple restorations, the theater now boasts modern technology while maintaining its classic charms. Visitors can enjoy a recent movie, a cult classic, and even catch Gonzaga University basketball games on the big screen. Before the movie, stop at Bon Bon – which is in the same building as the theater -- and enjoy a pre-show cocktail and appetizer.

Just down the street is the iconic Milk Bottle. Built in 1935 as a retail store front for – you guessed it – dairy products, Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle is now a 1950s style diner. With handmade milk shakes, homemade burgers and a side of nostalgia, the Milk Bottle is must stop for Garland District visitors.

Right next door to the Milk Bottle is Ferguson’s Café, a spot you’ll recognize from more than one iconic film. Ferguson’s is where Johnny Depp filmed the famous dancing bread scene from 1993s Benny and Joon, and you can also spot the 1950s diner in the 1985 movie Vision Quest. Both films were shot entirely in Spokane.

A relaxed stroll down Garland Avenue makes for a simple and pleasant afternoon. Explore antiques at Time Bomb, or dig through records at Groove Merchants to discover the missing piece of your vinyl collection. You can also grab a latte at Rocket Bakery before discovering local artists at the Spokane Arts School gallery.

Make sure to put the annual Garland Street Fair on your calendar, it happens the second Saturday in August. 

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