Celebrating Female Restaurant Owners for Women's History Month

Spokane is full of surprises, an urban vibe, outdoor adventure, and a killer culinary scene. It should come as no surprise that many of the innovative tastemakers kicking some hiney are women. In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s our list of some of our must-visit, women-owned restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, breweries, wineries, and bars. The list of boss women is so long we had to narrow it down to only a few.

Pictured: Chaps Diner & Bakery

Coffee & Pastries

Chaps Diner & Bakery

Owner: Celeste Shaw

Comfort is the main goal at Chaps. Celeste Shaw’s farmhouse in south Spokane has been serving up scrumptious brunch for a while now. Her pastries and cookies are what get people talking.

Just American Desserts

Owner: Eva Roberts

You’ll get your dessert and eat it, too! Let’s pause for a moment and think about the sour cream white cake with tart lemon filling. It’s to die for. Eva has been busy for decades making wedding cakes that actually taste delicious.


Owner: Ella Piskun

Ella Piskun’s sweet little French bakery will have you drooling and begging for more. She creates everything from wedding cakes to pastries, but it’s the macarons that get people talking the most.

Sweet Frostings

Owners: Sally & Jessica Winfrey

The mother-daughter duo who own Sweet Frostings have been making birthdays, celebrations, regular Tuesday afternoons much sweeter since opening in 2011. Sally and Jessica Winfrey now own four locations in Spokane.

First Avenue Coffee

Owner: Deborah Di Bernardo

For a truly magical coffee experience, First Ave is a must-stop. It’s “Damn good coffee” after all. Deborah Di Bernardo founded Roast House Coffee in 2010 but didn’t open First Ave Coffee until 2018. Syrups are housemade, the nitro is popping, and you might drop an F-Bomb when you take your first sip.

The Scoop

Owner: Jennifer Davis

For Jennifer Davis, the owner of The Scoop in Spokane, it’s about community. Homemade ice cream is the glue that holds us all together. If you’re vegan or have dairy allergies, this is the place for you.

Pictured: Badass Backyard Brewing

Wineries, Bars & Brews

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

Owner: Kristina Van Loben Sels

The incredible setting of Arbor Crest is the perfect backdrop for wine made lovingly by Kristina Van Loben Sels. She’s been cranking out wine for Arbor Crest since 1999. Try her creations while taking in a summer concert on the historic grounds.

Latah Creek Wine Cellars

Owner: Natalie Barnes

She calls herself the Tinkerbell of wines, and her creations are magical. Natalie Barnes has been making wine for her family’s winery for over 15-years now. Make sure to try her sangria.

Badass Backyard Brewing

Owners: Charlene Honcik & Kendra Wiiest

What started as a quest to make good beer in their backyard shed turned into a full-blown business in Spokane Valley. Charlene Honcik and Kendra Wiiest have been a staple on the local brewery front for several years now.

Tiny Tiki

Owner: Claire Fieberg

You can pack a lot of personality into 500-square feet. Step inside Claire Fieberg’s Tiny Tiki bar, and you feel like you’ve stepped inside a hut. But it’s a hut filled with yummy nitro mai tais and tropical decor.


Owner: Shelayna Skidmore

It's a coffee shop by day, a cocktail bar by night. It's the best of both worlds. Except in this world, the cocktails are made with homemade bitters by, you guessed it, Skidmore Alchemy. Shelayna owns the business with her husband.

Pictured: Almaz, Owner of Queen of Sheba


Italia Trattoria

Owners: Anna Vogel & Bethe Bowman

With the talent, Anna Vogel and Bethe Bowman have, they could’ve gone anywhere and been successful. They chose to make their home and business in Spokane, and it’s the best thing that could’ve happened. The lamb ragu is so good; Food Network chose it as the best in the country.

D’Bali Asian Bistro

Owner: Jeannie Choi

A mix of Southeast Asian and Pacific Rim flavors will have you in ecstasy at this Airway Heights restaurant. Owner and chef, Jeannie Choi, is so welcoming. She will make you feel like you’re a guest in her home.

Queen of Sheba

Owner: Almaz

Three little words. Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It’s a symbol of friendship and respect. You’ll find all that and food to die for at this restaurant in the historic Flour Mill. Almaz, born and raised in Ethiopia, spent many years doing missionary work before realizing her dream of owning a restaurant.

Garland Sandwich Shoppe

Owner: Kristen-Marie Speller

You haven’t lived until you’ve had The Big Dill at the Garland Sandwich Shoppe. Who needs bread when you can slap sandwich innards between two giant pickle slices? Kristen is the sandwich hero we all needed!

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