Pack your mountain bike, bring your endurance. You're about to experience five days of non-stop adventure and sweat. Tons of trails surround the Spokane region, giving you ample opportunity to test your stamina. Plan your trip to cover these five rides in five days:

1) Riverside State Park
Really, you can't go wrong here. With so many trails in Washington's second-largest state park, you could theoretically ride a different route each day of the year. Tear through some single-track, gain speed on the double-track and enjoy the views of Deep Creek, the Spokane River and the beautiful basalt Bowl & Pitcher. Ride from the 7 Mile Campground to the swinging bridge and learn about the history of each.

2) Mt. Spokane State Park
After mastering the second-largest state park in Washington, you're ready to move to the largest: Mt. Spokane. Where skiers spent the winter shredding the white stuff, you now have a turn at tearing up the dirt while enjoying the woods and spectacular views of the region. The single-track will have you testing your technical skills in no time. Pack a lunch and enjoy the views of Spokane and North Idaho while replenishing your biking body.

3) Beacon Hill
Find your competitive side and pretend you're in the middle of Leadville. Beacon Hill and its 6.5-mile loop will give you the thrill of sharp turns, quick descents, steep climbs and everything in between. Keep your head up on this trail and try to enjoy your surroundings. Stop by Boulder Beach along the Spokane River for a quick post-ride dip. You'll be glad you did after you complete this technical track.

4) High Drive
Take a trip to Spokane's South Hill and check out the awesome views of Hangman Creek while taking on the challenging High Drive trails. By now, you should be an advanced rider, so you'll have no trouble mastering the steep descents and big climbs - especially at the end! Bring your soft tail to conquer the High Drive loop!

5) Canfield Mountain
Travel across the Washington-Idaho border for your last ride. Canfield Mountain is your final destination. Bring your distance legs, because you could be riding for a long time. With 32 combined miles of trail, you could bike all day! Single-track, flat roads, steep roads and more divvy up plenty of challenges. The views of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho make it worth the pain.

After these five rides, you'll want to come back to Spokane for more. Check out other Epic Rides and crank out plans for your next trip!