I used to think the art of wreath making was reserved for Do-It-Yourself royalty like Martha Stewart, but this week I was proven wrong! I was invited to go to a private ladies-only wreath making party at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars. This was my first time there and the grounds were gorgeous! It was early in the evening so the sun had set and all the lights from the Spokane Valley were super bright. The view was just beautiful! Patty, who plants all the trees and flowers for the winery also nicely doubled as a wreath-making extraordinaire. She hosted this fabulous night of craft fun and refreshments in the winery's tasting room. The wine was delicious and there were so many varietals to try! My absolute favorite was the sparkling. I had such a fun time and will definitely be heading back up to Arbor Crest soon! But in the holiday spirit, I wrote a poem to commemorate the wreath making event! (Psst - Spokane has lots of craft stores so you can make your very own wreath, too!)

All Wrapped Up in Wreaths!
As the smell of the holiday season hung in the air,
we grabbed up the clippers and clipped with care.
All the branches were glowing and green,
All of us elves were working; quite the Christmas scene!
The wine was poured and the cheese was devoured.
the wreath-making took almost two hours!
Martha Stewart would be proud of the wreath on my door,
I can't wait for next year to make some more!

Happy Holidays, everyone!