Okay... okay, maybe the whole saying thing doesn't work in this instance, but who's to say there isn't some connection between the dreary rain of spring thaw and my desire to drink some yummy wine?  It's obvious to me that the two are clearly aligned.

Even though my mom doesn't live in town and even though she's not a big wine drinker, I still wish I could celebrate Mother's day next weekend (is your card in the mail??) toasting her with a locally produced bubbly or huckleberry blush during the annual Spring Barrel Tasting.  (Mom makes an exception for anything slightly sweet, especially if it's sparkling.)

As we've established in previous commentary, wine is intrinsic to my personality - at least the drinking and full enjoyment part of it.  I know (but am not close friends with) so many true wine snobs who've turned up their noses at our modest Spokane Wineries, only to be blown away when they've finally given in to a taste.  I always feel like wagging my "I told you so!" finger at moments like that.  And no, I'm not talking about my middle finger... although I have considered using that in the persuasive part of my "just try it" speech.

How about for one weekend, (May 8-10) you vow to push your Wine in a Box to the back of the fridge along with those mystery containing Tupperware you're too scared to open.  Put on your sassy self and cruise to some or many of Spokane's 14 wineries for a great time and a taste of the good stuff made right here at home. Plus there'll be great food and loads of both novice and experienced wine drinkers to meet.  I hope I'll see you there. 

Don't make me get out my persuasive speech now.