Okay. I admit to having to drag my sorry, cold-ridden, lazy butt off the couch to MAKE myself ride this week. Let's face it... the pity party seemed easier than airing up my tires, replacing the dead battery in my wireless computer and admitting to the effects of my bad winter party smoking habit.  But I did it, sullenly of course, and certain that after too many months of red wine and DISH network (and not anywhere near enough hours on the trainer) that it most certainly wouldn't be fun.

Whatever.  For anyone who has ever really loved their bike and the feel of fresh air through their pigtails (biker girls unite!) I can't understand how that ridiculous self talk permeates my brain.  Suffice it to say, that pity party's over and the season is ON baby.  

Check out your local bike shop and find a ride that fits.  One of my faves is Two Wheel Transit - http://www.twowheeltransit.com/

Get your bike on and get with the program.