You've probably heard of bar hopping, but how about chocolate hopping? When you come to Spokane, you can do both - on separate evenings, of course. Bar hopping is another blog - let's focus on chocolate for now.

First Stop: Chocolate Apothecary - When you stop by this joint, try not to be overwhelmed by the amount of chocolate available. You can eat chocolate, sip chocolate and taste some gelato. If your skills are lacking, sign up for a chocolate tasting class. Soon you'll be the chocolate expert and envy of all your friends.

Second Stop: Boehms - Chocolates and flowers greet you once you walk inside this colorful store in River Park Square. Buy some boxed chocolates for yourself or someone special. If you walk out with a bag of European style truffles and French Cordial Cherries, you've succeeded. Plus, their flower arrangements are so Avant-garde!

Third Stop: Bruttles - Walk into the beautiful Davenport Hotel and make your way to the south entrance. There, you'll find your next stop. Just like the hotel it's housed in, Bruttles has an interesting history, so be sure you ask about it while grabbing a Mini Sampler or Peanut Butter Brittle. With chocolates and candies stacked high on their shelves, you'll have a hard time leaving.

Fourth Stop: Spokandy - After leaving Bruttles, stop by Spokandy a few blocks away. Hmmmm...what to grab first? I'd say snag a fudge gift box, Seafoam, one of many novelty items and one Spokane Candy Bar. Of course, if you don't like my suggestions, you can always custom-make your treat!

Final Stop: Pixie Dust Chocolates - After four stops, I suggest you take a breather and order in some chocolate. That's where Pixie Dust Chocolates comes in. Order a 12 Piece Tin, a 3 Inch Favor Box or - my favorite - a Carousel Chocolate Bar. There's also a Monroe Street Bridge Chocolate Bar. Both are perfect reminders of your visit to Spokane!

After sipping, eating and buying chocolates, be sure to tell your friends and family they should have the same experience. They'll share your newfound love for Spokane and its chocolates! I'm sure your dentist will understand.