Back to the celebrity star sightings - I really don't know whether I'm more excited that I stood next to a World Figure Skating Champion or that I got to meet the winner of the hottest TV series, Dancin' with the Stars. Oh wait - they're one and the same. None other than the sublime and completely adorable Kristi Yamaguchi. At a terrific reception hosted by the folks at Washington State Tourism, Yamaguchi spent two hours glad handing, autographing, interviewing and posing for photos with the folks who have purchased tickets this week to the 2010 US Championships in Spokane. And what consummate pro she is in all regards. She charmed her way into the hearts of some 60 or so skating fans today. Not that she had to try very hard. Most skating fans know and adore the champion who won the hearts of the world in the 1992 Olympics and the 1991-1992 World Championships.

True stars and those deserving of their celebrity often don't act the part. Yamaguchi fits that gold standard as a genuine, wonderful person. This girl feels lucky to have crossed paths with her.