MRP BlogMy husband and I ventured to Mackenize River Pizza for Inlander Restaurant Week and were greeted quickly and pleasantly. It is a family friendly restaurant, with a Northwest theme.

Stephanie, our server, was very helpful, explained the menu and was attentive to our needs.
The courses that were offered for Restaurant Week included selections for my husband's delicate palate and my more adventurous tastes.

I started with a small bowl of the freshly made beer and cheese soup. It was light and creamy, with a hint of spice, in the finish.

For my second course, I had the lemon chicken. The grilled chicken breasts were well prepared, with a smoky flavor at first, followed by a pleasant heat in the back of the throat. These were laid upon a bed of linguine, surrounded by an array of fresh, steamed veggies.

On to the desert! I chose the very chocolaty, flourless chocolate cake. This would go well with a cup of coffee, a big glass of milk, or better yet, a goblet of red wine.

MRP Blog 2My husband, Gregg, went the meat and potatoes route. He started with the basic Caesar salad and then selected the home-style meatloaf. He found it to be similar to the meatloaf that his mom made, in a good way, and especially enjoyed the addition of bacon to the recipe.

In addition, there was a nice serving of garlic mashed potatoes. Gregg found them to be too garlicky, for his liking, while I found them to be delicious.

For dessert he decided on the gooey chocolate chip cookies, served in a hot skillet with plenty of vanilla ice cream.

Our evening was further enhanced by Jessie, the restaurant manager. She was extremely interested in customer service and made sure we were comfortable and were enjoying our evening in her establishment. Her attitude, in this regard, is obviously reflected by her staff.

So, the question that we always ask ourselves after an evening out is, will we go back? In this case the answer is a resounding..... absolutely!