How does that old saying go . . . A family that plays together stays together?  Well, winter is upon us there's no better time then the present to start playing.  But what can we do, you ask?  I would suggest a date with one of the oldest winter sports courtesy of the Spokane Parks & Recreation Department.  I'm talking about family cross country ski lessons.  Honestly, this should top your winter "to do" list.  You're on the snow in Mount Spokane State Park, you'll discover a great family activity and you'll receive professional ski instruction.  It doesn't get much better than that!  But what's the best part about cross country skiing?  For me, it's that you can make it as relaxing or strenuous as you want.  It's truly a winter activity for everyone.  But enough about me.  What activities get your family going during the winter months?  Have you participated in any other activities through the Spokane Parks & Recreation Department?  

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