Have you ever dreamt about being hoisted forty feet in the air and dropped into a gut wrenching pendulum swing? Me either, but recently I tested my courage on the challenge course and zipline at Adventure Dynamics and I have been smiling ever since!At first it sounds like a bad dream, but you have to see it to understand. I am talking about the giant swing at Adventure Dynamic, just outside Riverside State Park in Spokane. Thirty minutes north of downtown you can be in the beautiful forest overlooking Long Lake, forty feet in the air and cascading through the trees hanging securely to a taught cable. It is awesome! I may have screamed like a little girl, but you have to watch my video to prove it. For me, it was the defining adventure from my summer.


After the giant swing, you can pick between two challenge exercises; climb the Giant's Ladder, the most difficult challenge, or take on the vertical obstacle course. Naturally, I had to take on the Giant's Ladder. Saying it was tough is an understatement. The whole ladder is always moving so it takes all your strength to simply stand still! I don't think records were set, but I finished. WooHoo!

Finally, zipline time! The platform is only 10 feet higher, but I promise it looks much taller from the top and I wasn't about to let the 11-year-old boy that went before me best me. The first jump is the hardest part. I climbed up and took the plunge.

Adventure Dynamics is an all encompassing experience. I had many nostalgic thoughts from my days as a Boy Scout and my constant urge to conquer anything climbable. There are plenty of ziplines and ropes courses to hit around the northwest, but there two things really different at Adventure Dynamics:

  1. The owner Will Parks and his assistant Brandon created a fantastic experience full of safe adventure and socialization with a diverse group of people and ages. Everyone stayed engaged and excited for each activity.

  2. The location is amazing. I have always loved Riverside State Park and the view overlooking the lake from high up in the trees is surreal.

I will definitely head back to Adventure Dynamics. I want to take advantage of the other Groupon offer for couples that includes a catered dinner and a different set of high flying adventures. If you hurry, you can catch the last Couples Date Night Adventure package for just $99, September 22nd. Check out all the fun activities on www.adventuredynamics.com and make sure to take advantage of the Groupon offers for next year. You won't regret or forget it!