My first job as a kid was delivering pizzas.  Doing that, I learned two very important things: how to clean a pizza pan, and how to fend off an attacker. Carrying upwards of $300 at night made me prime meat for anyone looking for a good mugging. Good thing Spokane's NOT so much a mugging kind of town.

But I also learned how to make a pizza using the same ingredients over and over again. I was around pizza so much, I vowed to never eat it again.

That didn't exactly last long, but I did cut back a little. I may be regressing though, now that I've discovered South Perry Pizza.

Located in the Perry District, South Perry Pizza's setting is full of history. I tried to figure out what used to be here, and the two big garage doors led me to believe it was once some sort of auto shop. Turns out it was that as well as a laundromat, giving the pizzeria the kind of history I crave.

The inside is one big garage with ample seating, televisions tuned to the best sports action and pizza served hot and straight from the oven. Two garage doors open up to patio seating giving you the chance to enjoy those Spokane summer nights in a vintage neighborhood.

And I can't forget the food! The pizza is perfect, if you ask me. 12-inch pizzas can feed one or two people, and the slices are the perfect size to double up on your plate. My party of four ordered three pizzas and went home with empty hands and full stomachs. It felt great! You could even dare to do dessert if you're not too stuffed from their righteous pie, but I'd recommend you quaff a frosty brew or snag a bottle of wine from their excellent list.

Readers of The Inlander voted South Perry Pizza "Best New Restaurant" this year.  Don't wait to be convinced to check out this great place. I promise, you'll like it as much as I did!