Over the weekend, my sister came home from school at the University of Idaho. In need of some girly catch-up time, we decided to grab Mom and hit the mall!

We were each on a mission to find one specific item: nude flats for my sister, jeans for my mom and a work blazer for me. After that, any other finds were bonus! First stop, the Spokane Valley Mall. We decided to start at Nordstrom Rack (it's right next to T.J. Maxx and Old Navy) because it's big, has lots of deals on designer clothes and the racks are always brimming with the latest fashions. After perusing the store, I spotted my item first: a single-button, medium-grey blazer with ¾ length sleeves. Check item number one off our list! My sister and mom found a few fun tops, but we were still in need of flats and jeans. Off to the main section of the Spokane Valley Mall!

If you haven't been to the Spokane Valley Mall in the past 6 months, you need to get there. It has gone through some major renovations, expanding and improving old stores and making room for new ones. Forever 21 is one of my favorites because I can find threads to fit any style I'm feeling, whether it's casual weekend garb or a cute date night outfit. Vans is new to the mall for those who dig skater fashion and cool shoes, and soon the world-known H&M will find a home there as well. We chose to go in to Buckle, which is always a good place to find trendy jeans and stylish shoes. Mom had success here and found an extra long pair of medium-wash jeans with embellished pocket details. After doing a final sweep of the mall, (my sister scored a little black dress), we headed to Northtown Mall.

One of the great things about Spokane is that we have three malls that are close in proximity, but each have something different to offer. We wandered and added a few more shirts and some accessories to our loot, but were still in need of my sister's nude flats. Surely, we thought, the DSW across the street would have what we were looking for. We were right! Any shoe lover knows that DSW is sole heaven, and it was here that my sis found the perfect nude flats. We decided to save the third major Spokane shopping center, River Park Square, for another day, simply because we got what we needed and Dad was at home waiting to fire up the barbeque. All in all, a successful day of Saturday shopping in Spokane.