The ads don't lie: Black Friday is upon us. Some cringe at the thought and are waiting to shop at a later date. Others consider clambering through the crowds a tradition and have their coffee pots and coupons ready to go. No matter what side of the fence you stand on, it's important to know about Spokane's shopping hotspots to find the best holiday deals. 

ShoppersWe have three major shopping malls in Spokane, each with a perfect blend of department stores, small clothing chains and shops you'll find only in Spokane. Each offers something slightly different and each is close enough in distance that the fiercest shoppers could hit ‘em all in one day. Start in Spokane Valley at the Spokane Valley Mall, head downtown to River Park Square, then end your day up at Northtown Mall. If you want to get all of your shopping done in one swoop, the mall is the easiest way to check everything off your list.

Here is where you can find a full directory of shopping centers. Click on the "Show Map" icon to view where each one is located.


Don't want to knock it all out in one day? Take a look at where to stay in Spokane.
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